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Ministry of Energy Mines and Responsible for Core Review



NTS 093I location map (click for index map).

Monkman Pass
NTS 093I



093H & 083E

Researched and compiled by: G.R. Foye, J.W. Pell, E. Van der Flier-Keller

Release date: September 1989

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The Monkman Pass area, underlain by an assemblage of Hadrynian to Upper Cretaceous sedimentary rocks, contains 29 recorded mineral occurrences. This assemblage, deposited on and to the west of the Ancestral North American craton, consists mainly of continental margin and shelf facies rocks. Structurally, these rocks are part of the Foreland Thrust and Fold belt.


The southern limit of the Quintette (093I 010, 011), and the Monkman (093I 013), Saxon (093I 016), Belcourt (093I 014) and Coal Ridge (093I 019) coalfields are located in the northern and eastern part of the map sheet. The coal measures in the area occur in the Cretaceous Fort St. John and Bullhead groups, primarily in the Gates and Gething formations, respectively. Minor base and precious metal mineralization, mainly copper, silver and gold, occur in the Lower Cambrian Gog Group, in veins and stringers. Several phosphate occurrences (Wapiti, 093I 008)) are hosted in the Triassic Sulphur Mountain Formation. High quality quartzite dimension stone occurs near Babette Lake (093I 005).





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