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Ministry of Energy Mines and Responsible for Core Review

093H & 083E


NTS 093H & 83D location map (click for index map).

McBride & Mount Robson
NTS 093H & 083E



093A083D, C

Researched and compiled by: D.G. Bailey and G.R. Foye

Release date: September 1989

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093H & 083E Map
Geological Legend
Master & Production Report
eneral Property File: 093H
ARIS Maps: 093H, 04

The McBride (093H) and Mount Robson (083E) map areas contain 134 recorded mineral occurrences.
The McBride (093H) and Mount Robson (083E) map areas contain 134 recorded mineral occurrences. The area is underlain by rocks of Ancestral North America and the Omineca and Eastern belts. Mineralization occurs primarily in the Barkerville terrane which is in thrust contact with Triassic Quesnellia terrane rocks to the west and Hadrynian to Lower Paleozoic Cariboo terrane rocks to the east.

Placer gold deposits of the Quesnel Highland region, including the former rich producers (e.g. Wingdam Creek, 093H 086) of the Barkerville camp, have accounted for a large proportion of British Columbia's alluvial gold production. The morphology and mineral associations of the gold suggests that it was derived locally, probably from the numerous auriferous veins in the Downey succession of the Snowshoe Group. The Eight Mile Lake (093H 014) placer is presently being investigated.


Precious and base metal mineralization occur predominantly in quartz veins hosted in metasediments of the Snowshoe Group. Minor tungsten is also present in these veins. Base metal mineralization occurs in siliceous breccia zones. Chalcopyrite occurs in amygdaloidal volcanics at the Sweetwater (093H 060) occurrence. The Cariboo Gold Quartz (093H 019) and Island Mountain (093H 006) mines, both major past producers, are presently being examined for the possibility of replacement ore. Other past producers include the Mosquito Creek (093H 010) mine and the Hardscrabble (093H 023) mine (tungsten). The Dominion Creek (093H 133) prospect consists of quartz veins hosted by limestones and argillites near the top of the Isaac Lake Formation mineralized with visible gold, sphalerite, chalcopyrite and galena.


See Exploration History and Geology of the Dominion Creek Mesothermal Vein Prospect, East-Central Alan R. Raven and Robert A. Lane; article from Exploration and Mining in British Columbia 1998, pages D-1 - D-8.

The Bowron River sedimentary succession hosts Paleocene coal seams at the Bowron River (093H 005) prospect. Limestone was mined at the Ptarmigan Creek Quarry (093H 017) and many limestone showings occur in the Cunningham and Mural formations. Quartzite (Wishaw Lake (093H 131) and Longworth (093H 038)) occurs in the Lower Silurian Nonda Formation and the Lower Cambrian Mahto Formation. The Forgetmenot (083E 001) prospect, hosted in the Whitehorse Formation, contains 2.3 million tonnes of 75 to 90 per cent gypsum.




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