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Ministry of Energy Mines and Responsible for Core Review



NTS 093G location map (click for index map).

Prince George
NTS 093G



093H & 083E


Researched and compiled by: D.G. Bailey and G.R. Foye

Release date: September 1989

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093G Map
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Master & Production Report
General Property File: 093G
ARIS Maps: 093G, 01

The Prince George map area contains 59 recorded mineral occurrences. The Prince George map area contains 59 recorded mineral occurrences. The area is located in the Intermontane and Omineca belts primarily comprising parts of the Quesnellia and Cache Creek terranes but also including parts of the Barkerville, Slide Mountain and Stikinia terranes. The region is underlain by rocks of the Upper Mississippian Slide Mountain Group, the Mississippian to Triassic Cache Creek Group, and the Jurassic to Triassic Nicola and/or Takla groups, intruded by the Cretaceous Naver Intrusive suite and the Jurassic Mouse Mountain stock.


Massive sulphides occur at the G-South (093G 007) prospect, hosted in Takla Group volcanic rocks. The Mouse Mountain (093G 003) porphyry copper deposit, hosted in Nicola Group volcanics and the Mouse Mountain stock, produced copper, silver and gold in 1956. The Pioneer (093G 013) deposit, consisting of argentiferous galena and sphalerite in a quartz vein within Takla Group shale, produced minor amounts of silver, lead of zinc in 1927. Similar quartz veins have been noted throughout the area. The Quesnel Quartz (093G 015) deposit, which consists of mineralized quartz veins within a shear zone within Takla Group rocks, produced 6438 grams of gold and 8553 grams of silver up to 1939. Minor tungsten, molybdenum, copper and bismuth occur in veinlets within Nicola or Takla Group metasedimentary rocks and molybdenum has also been noted in granodiorite of the Naver Intrusive suite. Placer gold occurs along the Fraser and Cottonwood (093G 025) rivers.


Up to 1987, 532,821 tonnes of limestone were quarried from the Dahl Lake (093G 032) quarry and a few tonnes were produced from the Beverly (093G 042) deposit early this century. Minor quantities of clay have been produced from a pit located near Prince George.





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