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Ministry of Energy Mines and Responsible for Core Review



NTS 093C location map (click for index map).

Anahim Lake
NTS 093C


093D &103A



Researched and compiled by: D.G. Bailey

Release date: September 1989

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The Anahim Lake map area, underlain to the west by the Coast belt and to the east by Mesozoic and Tertiary volcanic and sedimentary rocks of the Intermontane belt, contains 16 recorded mineral occurrences. A hybrid zone along the eastern margin of the belt contains elements of both tectonic belts. In this zone Mesozoic rocks have been incorporated into the plutons and are overlain by Tertiary volcanic rocks. The degree of metamorphism and deformation of the Intermontane belt supracrustal rocks increases towards the Coast belt.


Copper and molybdenum mineralization occur in diatreme breccia zones and disseminated along joint and fracture planes in intrusive rocks. Minor precious metal mineralization has been reported in this area. Of note, is the epithermal mineralization in Ootsa Lake volcanics on the Oboy (093C 015) prospect.


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