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Ministry of Energy Mines and Responsible for Core Review



NTS 082KNW location map (click for index map).


082N, O





Researched and compiled by: B.N. Church, L.D. Jones, G. Payie, D. Houghton; and R. Pinsent


Release date: Data current to 2004/2006


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082KNW Map
Geological Map and Legend
Master & Production Report
General Property File: 082KNW
ARIS Maps: 082KNW


The Beaton map area, located in south-central British Columbia, contains 222 documented mineral occurrences, including 51 past producers.  The map area includes the Beaton-Camborne mining camp, most of which was updated in 1998.  See Metallogeny of the Beaton-Camborne Mining Camp Lardeau District (NTS 082K12 &13), by B.N. Church and L.D. Jones; article from Geological Fieldwork 1998, GSB Paper 1999-1, pages 193-222.


In April 2003, 26 occurrences, including 8 new occurrences, were upated in NTS 082K14; and 13 occurrences, including 1 new occurrence, were updated in the north part of NTS 082K11 map areas by G. Payie and D. Haughton.  In March 2004, 97 occurrences, including new occurrences and a summary of the Geology of the Trout Lake Area were updated in the Trout Lake Area of NTS 082K11 by R. Pinsent.




BC Geological Survey Publications for NTS 082K