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Ministry of Energy Mines and Responsible for Core Review

Vancouver Island Special Edition

Vancouver Island location map (click for index map).


This release, updated to January 1999, documents all 1421 metallic mineral, coal, and industrial mineral occurrences on Vancouver Island and adjacent islands. The following map is a plot of MINFILE occurrences. Click on the title for a larger image or click on map areas for a summary, reference list, and mineral occurrence plot of each NTS area. A simplified geology map occurs below.


MINFILE plot on Vancouver Island/Clickable NTS map areas.


The diskette is no longer available.  Please use MINFILE/www search to locate MINFILE occurrences in this area.



The data were updated between 1989 and 1991; some occurrences were updated more recently. The Vancouver Island occurrences are also included in and are a subset of the complete provincial MINFILE database. The MINFILE information includes geological descriptions and bibliographies for each deposit as well as production and inventory statistics. These files, once loaded to a hard disk, can be processed by database management programs or by MINFILE/pc. This data is intended to be used independent of the regular provincial MINFILE data release.


Included in this set are 124 occurrences described in a publication by Rick Hudson (1997): A Field Guide to Gold, Gemstones & Mineral Sites of British Columbia, Volume I, Vancouver Island, Orca Book Publishers. This field guide describes geology and mining history of the Island, prospecting techniques, rock and mineral identification, and brief site descriptions with location maps.


The Vancouver Island Special Edition disk is available on request from the MINFILE Project team.  Note: MINFILE data disks can only be appended to MINFILE/pc Version 4.5a which is now obsolete.



Geology of Vancouver Island (click on the map for a larger image)

Vancouver Island geology map (click for a larger map).