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Ministry of Energy Mines and Responsible for Core Review

MINFILE Detail and Production Reports


Tabular and complete reports can be generated using MINFILE/www or MINFILE/pc.  Two reports, the Detail and Production, contain all the data for each occurrence in the MINFILE database.  These reports, were formerly published as paper printouts and were also previously available for purchase on CD-ROM.  They are now available directly from the website when a search is initiated.

Sample of a Detail Report (PDF 125Kb)


The original printout sets included a Summary Report (summary of the geology and mineralization of the NTS area) and the MINFILE Number Index (a listing of all occurrences within the specified NTS area listed by MINFILE number).  The Summary Reports from June 2003 are still packaged with the MINFILE maps or are available for viewing on the Web (see MINFILE NTS Summaries and Publications List). 

NTS Index Map

NTS Index Map

Tabular and Capsule Geology and Bibliography reports are offered by MINFILE/www Searches on the Web.