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Ministry of Energy Mines and Responsible for Core Review

MINFILE/pc Version 5 Download


Download MINFILE/pc (ZIP, 39 MB; September 6, 2018 last update).  The download contains a MINFILE/pc Help file. 



MINFILE/pc Version 5 is a user-friendly, MS Access application, downloadable for local PC use.  MINFILE/pc has an interface similar to MINFILE/www, which is an Internet-based system consisting of basic and advanced searches, on-screen occurrence summary data and other reports and downloads. MINFILE/pc provides a portable extract of the MINFILE database along with search forms and printable reports.


Application Features


  • MINFILE/pc, through 8 menu-driven basic or advanced screens, enables the user to search the MINFILE Database on a variety of exploration and/or geological parameters.

  • MINFILE/pc reports include Search Results, Record Summary, Detail Report, Inventory and Production Details, and Inventory and Production Summaries.

  • Help desk support is free of charge from the Mineral Inventory Geologist and the downloadable Help File describes the installation and application.