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Ministry of Energy Mines and Responsible for Core Review


(Open File 2004-6)

No. of Occurrences: 12,100; MINFILE/pc Data only current to January 2004;
PDF Reports current to June 2003


Note:  This product is no longer available through Crown Publications.  To view and download current MINFILE detail reports (previously known as Master reports) and Production reports use the MINFILE/www search application or download the current MINFILE/pc application.


You can also view and download the MINFILE maps in PDF form online.

BC MINFILE on CD-ROM was a complete record of 12,100 metallic, industrial mineral and coal occurrences in the province of British Columbia. The MINFILE Master and Production reports were stored as PDF (Portable Document Format) files and June 2003 versions are available for viewing on the MINFILE NTS Summaries and Publications List. The reports could be viewed and searched using the free AdobeAcrobat Reader.


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The reports, encompassing 22,000 pages, contained all the data in MINFILE. This includes extensive detail on location; mineralogy and alteration; geology and host rocks; assay data, reserves and production records; and further references and information on any given occurrence. Included as part of each report was a text description of the geology and setting of each occurrence.


Sample of a Master and Production Reports on the CD-ROM (in PDF format)