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Ministry of Energy Mines and Responsible for Core Review

MINFILE/pc 4.5 User's Manual (obsolete - replaced with Version 5.0)

Information Circular 2004-4

Table of Contents

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Welcome to the User's Manual for MINFILE/pc v. 4.5, a powerful mineral inventory system for British Columbia and beyond! The MINFILE/pc User's Manual provides instructions on installing, operating, and using MINFILE/pc. This page contains links to each section and subsection of the manual. A digital version of this manual is available for download. The information contained in this manual is the property of the B.C. Geological Survey Branch (GSB), and may not be commercially reproduced or sold without the express permission of the GSB.

Chapter I: Introduction
Chapter II: Operating MINFILE/pc
Chapter III: Searching the MINFILE Database
Chapter IV: MINFILE Reports
Chapter V: MINFILE Utilities
Chapter VI: MINFILE Data Entry
Chapter VII: Searching the Exploration Database
Chapter VIII: Exploration Reports
Chapter IX: Exploration Utilities
Chapter X: Exploration Data Entry
Chapter XI: Code Table and User Maintenance
Chapter XII: Conclusion
Chapter XIII: Acknowledgements
Chapter XIV: Appendices

Use the Table of Contents or click on the Menu Tree to use it to go to different parts of the User's Manual.

MINFILE/pc Menu Tree (large image clickable).


A. About MINFILE/pc
     1. The History of MINFILE/pc
     2. MINFILE/pc Features

B. Installing MINFILE/pc
     1. Required Hardware
     2. The MINFILE/pc Package
     3. How to Install MINFILE/pc
     4. Logging on to MINFILE/pc
     5. Installing MINFILE data
     6. Exploration data

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A. Getting Started

B. Getting Help in MINFILE/pc

C. Getting Around in MINFILE/pc

D. The Main System Menu

E. General Comments on Searches in MINFILE/pc
     1. Hints for Searches in MINFILE/pc
     2. Between Searches
     3. Limitations to MINFILE/pc Searches
     4. Executing MINFILE/pc Searches
     5. Returning to the Main System Menu

F. Generating Reports in MINFILE/pc
     1. Current Settings (System Configuration)
     2. Change Destination
          a. Reports Sent to Display
          b. Reports Sent to Print Preview
          c. Reports Sent to the Printer
          d. Reports Sent to File
     3. System Configuration
          a. Editor Option
          b. Datum Option
          c. Default Device Option
          d. Display Options
          e. Printer Options
          f.  File Type Options
          g. Code Maintenance Options
     4. Report Type
     5. When You Are Done With Report Generation...

G. General Comments on the Data Entry System
     1. Getting into the Data Entry System
     2. Using the Menus in the Data Entry System
     3. The Text Editor
     4. Getting Help In The Data Entry System
     5. Getting out of the Data Entry System

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A. Location Search
     1. Latitude/Longitude
     2. Universal Transverse Mercator (UTM)
     3. Regions
     4. National Topographic Series (NTS) Map Sheet
     5. B.C. Map Sheet
     6. Mining Division
     7. Tectonic Belt
     8. Physiographic Region
     9. Terrane

B. Commodity Search

C. Status Search

D. MINFILE Name/Number Search

E. Mineralogy Search

F. Age (Host Rock or Mineralization) Search

G. Deposit Character/Class Search

H. Deposit Type (B.C. Mineral Deposit Profiles) Search

I.  Lithology Search

J.  Formal/Informal Host Search

K. Production Search

L. Inventory Search

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A. Types of MINFILE Reports Available
     1. Master Report (RGEN0100.RPT)
     2. Production Report (RGEN0200.RPT)
     3. Capsule Geology/Bibliography Report (RGEN0300.RPT)
     4. Map Legend Report (RGEN0400.RPT)
     5. Map Commodity Legend Report (RGEN4400.RPT)
     6. Data Dictionary Control Report (RGEN0500.RPT)
     7. MINFILE Number Index (RGEN0600.RPT)
     8. Primary Name Index (RGEN0700.RPT)
     9. Primary Commodity Index (RGEN0800.RPT)
   10. NTS Map Index (RGEN0900.RPT)
   11. Alphabetical Index (RGEN1000.RPT)
   12. Commodity Index (RGEN1100.RPT)
   13. MINFILE Reserves/Resources (RGEN5300.RPT)
   14. Confidential Notes Report (RGEN1200.RPT)

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A. Reset Total Deposits

B. Import/Export Search File
     1. Import Search File: ASCII Format
     2. Export MINFILE No.'s File: ASCII Format
     3. Export standard data file (ASCII ) file
     4. Export standard data (dBase) file
     5. Export standard data (spreadsheet) file
     6. Export QUIKMap File for Deposits (dBase)
     7. Extract Mineral Data BC files (.MBC) (ASCII)
     8. Extract Mineral Data BC files (dBase)
     9. Extract Mineral Data BC files (spreadsheet)

C. Import/Export Updates

D. Append/Delete Data
     1. Append Deposits and Entities
     2. Delete Data by MINFILE Number
     3. Delete Data (All Deposits)
     4. Batch Delete Occurrences
     5. Batch Append to Bibliography
     6. Assign Deposits to a Region
     7. Remove Deposits from a Region

E. Parcel/Archive Functions
     1. Parcel MINFILE Data
     2. Parcel Entities

F. Pack/Reindex Database

G. Renumber MINFILE Occurrence
     1. Change MINFILE Number
     2. Duplicate MINFILE Occurrence

H. Alter Coordinate Area

I.  System Configuration

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A. Selecting an Occurrence to Edit: The DEPOSIT Menu
     1. Select From List
     2. Previous in List
     3. Next in List
     4. MINFILE Number Select
     5. Create an Occurrence or Anomaly
     6. Delete an Occurrence or Anomaly
     7. Append from Updates

B. Selecting a Screen to Edit: The SCREEN Menu
     1. Identification Screen
     2. Mineral Occurrence Screen
     3. Host Rock Screen
     4. Geological Setting Screen
     5. Reserves/Resources/Assays Screen
     6. Production Screen
     7. Capsule Geology Screen
     8. Bibliography Screen
     9. Notes/Confidential Comments
   10. Exploration Activity and Work History

C. Edit Modes in the Data Entry System: The EDIT Menu
     1. Append
     2. Revise
     3. Browse
     4. Delete
     5. Move
     6. Insert
     7. Submit
     8. Undo
     9. Options
   10. Compare

D. Printing a Report in Data Entry: The PRINT Menu

E. Obtaining Help in Data Entry: The HELP Menu
     1. MINFILE/pc Help System
     2. Friendly Finder: ON (Proximity-Scan)
     3. DOS Command Shell

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A. Project Details Search
     1. Project Number
     2. Project Name
     3. Project Type
     4. National Topographic Series (NTS) Mapsheet
     5. Region(s)
     6. Mining Divisions

B. Notices Search
     1. Work Completed
     2. Notice Number
     3. Notice Types
     4. Received Date
     5. Approved Date
     6. Work End Date

C. Deposits Details Search
     1. Deposit Search
     2. MINFILE Number Search

D. Exiting the Search Menu

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A. Exploration & Development Report

B. Exploration Reserves/Resources Report

C. Exploration Master Report

D. Exploration Notes Report

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A. Reset Total Projects

B. Import/Export Search File
     1. Import Search File (Option #1)
     2. Export Project No.'s File (Option #2)
     3. Export standard data (ASCII) file (N/A)
     4. Export standard data (dBASE) file (N/A)
     5. Export QUIKMap File for Projects (Option #5)

C. Import Notices from MIS System

D. Append/Delete Data
     1. Append Data (Projects & Entities)
     2. Delete Data (ALL Exploration Data)

E. Parcel/Archive Functions
     1. Parcel Exploration Projects
     2. Parcel Entities
     3. Notices of Work Annual Archive

F. Pack/Reindex Database

G. Alter Coordinate Area

H. System Configuration

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A. Introduction

B. The Exploration Database
     1. Project Information
     2. Notice of Work Information

C. Selecting a Project to Edit: The PROJECT Menu
     1. Select From List
     2. Previous in List and Next in List
     3. Project No. Select
     4. Create a Project or Notice of Work
     5. Delete a Project or Notice of Work
     6. Exit to Main Menu
     7. Append from Updates

D. Selecting a Screen to Edit: The SCREEN Menu
     1. Project
     2. Notices of Work

E. Edit Modes in the Data Entry System: The EDIT Menu
     1. Append
     2. Revise
     3. Browse
     4. Delete
     5. Move
     6. Insert
     7. Submit
     8. Undo

F. Printing a Report in Data Entry: PRINT Menu

G. Link to MINFILE Database: OCCURRENCE Menu

H. Getting Help in Data Entry: HELP Menu

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< align=left>XI. CODE TABLE AND USER MAINTENANCE A. Introduction

B. Code Table Maintenance
     1. Dynamic Code Tables
     2. Static Code Tables

C. User Maintenance

D. Levels of Security
     1. Level 1 - Central Database Manager
     2. Level 2 - Site Database Manager
     3. Level 3 - Update Privileges
     4. Level 4 - MINFILE Access, No Update Privileges

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1. Notes on the Identification Screen
2. Notes on the Mineral Occurrence Screen
3. Notes on the Host Rock Screen
4. Notes on the Geological Setting Screen
5. Notes on the Reserves/Resources/Assay Screen
6. Notes on the Production Screen
7. Edit Commands in MINFILE/pc
8. Notes on the Project Screen
9. Notes on the Notices of Work Screen

A. DOS (Disk Operating System) Primer

B. MINFILE/pc V. 4.5 Help Screens

C. MINFILE Location Codes

C1. Mining Division Codes
C2. Tectonic Belt Codes
C3. Terrane Codes
C4. Physiographic Region Codes
C5. Region Table

D. MINFILE Commodity Codes

E. MINFILE Mineral, Rock and Modifier Codes

F. Stratigraphic Age Codes

G. Deposit Types

Profile Groups
Mineral Deposit Profiles

H. Bibliographic Codes

I. MINFILE/pc v. 4.5 Database Structure

J. Data Entry Examples

K. MINFILE/pc Help Desk and F.A.Q.

L. Database Structure of Exported and View Files

L1. Interface.dbf, Quickmap.dbf, Quickprj.dbf and Notices.dbf Exports
L2. Mineral.dbf, Reserve.dbf and Product.dbf Extracts
L3. Project1.dbf and Project2 .dbf Extracts
L4. Templates for MINFILE Master Reports (View Files)

M. The MINFILE/pc Readme.doc File

N. MINFILE/pc V. 4.5 Menu Tree

O. Computer Memory Notes

P. Samples of Reports

MINFILE Reports:

    Capsule Geology and Bibliography
    Map Legend
    Map Commodity Index
    Data Dictionary Control
    MINFILE Number Index
    Primary Name Index
    Primary Commodity Index
    NTS Map Index
    Alphabetical Index
    Commodity Index
    MINFILE Reserves/Resources
    Confidential Notes


Exploration Reports:   

    Exploration Reserves/Resources
    Exploration and Development
    Exploration Master
    Exploration Notes

Q. Install Notes for Windows 95, 98 and Windows 2000