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Ministry of Energy Mines and Responsible for Core Review

Chapter VIII - Exploration Reports


A: Exploration and Development Report
B: Exploration Reserves/Resources Report
C: Exploration Master Report
D: Exploration Notes Report


Remember that the Exploration module was created for the use of the Regional Geologists. They have the capability to import Notices of Work data to automatically create an Exploration Database. The Regional Geologists data and the Notices of Work data will not be distributed but you can create your own Exploration Database if you desire. Development of this module is still in progress and new developments will be included in future versions of MINFILE/pc.

You have the ability to search the Exploration database and to generate reports on the resulting data or you can report on the complete Exploration database. The reports you can generate include: the Exploration Master Report, which provides all the data on each project and its associated Notices of Work, two tabular reports - an Exploration and Development Report and an Exploration Reserves/Resources Report - and the Exploration Notes Report, which tracks appended and imported data.

Refer to the section called Generating Reports in MINFILE/pc in Operating MINFILE/pc (Chapter II, Section F) for further information.

To activate the Exploration Report system, select Reports from the Exploration Projects section of Main System Menu.


This will call up the Exploration Reports Menu which looks like this:


Exploration reports menu.


A. Exploration & Development Report


The Exploration and Development Report contains the following information: Project name, Company name, MINFILE #'s, Mining division, NTS mapsheet, Commodities, Deposit target and Work done.

The report is compiled from all projects in the Exploration database which are labeled as Major Property in the Project Type field.

The Commodities displayed are taken from the MINFILE database for the first MINFILE occurrence associated with the project.

The Work done field, is from all the Notices of Work associated with the project.


B. Exploration Reserves/Resources


The Exploration Report is linked to the "Report_on" field of the Reserves/Resources screen in the MINFILE database. A future version of this report will have it based on search results.

The report presents the following information: Project Name, MINFILE #'s, Zone, Name, Reserves, Tonnage, Commodities, Grade and Reference. See Appendix O for an example of this report.


NOTE: The Exploration Reserves/Resources report can only be generated for the entire Exploration database at present. It will include all MINFILE deposits that have the "Report On" field of the Reserves screen flagged as 'Y'.

This report is also available from the MINFILE Reports Menu in a different format and which includes additional data. Here, the Report is generated for occurrences isolated in a MINFILE Search which have Reserves flagged 'Y' in the "Report_on" field.


C. Exploration Master Report


The Exploration Master report is similar to the MINFILE Master report and contains all the information for each Project and its associated Notices of Work. This report can be produced for all the projects in your database by selecting it on the Exploration Reports Menu. This report is also available for a single Project while in the Exploration Data Entry.

It is recommended that you use the search option to narrow the database before you begin generating master reports.


D. Exploration Notes Report


The Exploration Notes Report contains a record of data imported and appended to projects, as well as a brief description of the entire project. Whenever new data is added, this report notes the date, and the type and source of the data (i.e., "27/01/1994:  update from MIS").  This allows you to easily track changes and updates to project information.