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Ministry of Energy Mines and Responsible for Core Review

Chapter XIII - Acknowledgements


The original manual text represents a cooperative effort of the staff of the MINFILE project and the Geoscience Information section under the direction of Sean Oliver from Simon Fraser University (Communications co-op student). Updates and revisions to the current version, and the formatting and construction of the online manual were provided by Ellen Ashdown, also from Simon Fraser University (Arts co-op student). Contributing staff consisted of: Laura de Groot, Dorthe Jakobsen, Larry Jones, Cindy McPeek, George Owsiacki, Kim Passmore and Garry Payie. Managing staff were Gib McArthur, Dave Lefebure and Derek Brown.


Contributions were also from Sierra Systems Consultants Inc., notably Brian Swaile, Peter Jones, Don Musgrove and Ben Kunka. Special thanks go to Gordon Lowe for his role in the early stages of program development.