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Ministry of Energy Mines and Responsible for Core Review

Chapter XIV - Appendices


A.   DOS (Disk Operating System) Primer

B.   MINFILE/pc V. 4.5 (Y2K Edition) Help Screens

C.   MINFILE Location Codes

C1. Mining Division Codes
C2. Tectonic Belt Codes
C3. Terrane Codes
C4. Physiographic Region Codes
C5. Region Table

D.   MINFILE Commodity Codes

E.   MINFILE Mineral, Rock and Modifier Codes

F.   Stratigraphic Age Codes

G.   Deposit Types

Profile Groups
Mineral Deposit Profiles

H.   Bibliographic Codes

I.    MINFILE/pc V. 4.5 (Y2K Edition) Database Structure

J.    Data Entry Examples

K.   MINFILE/pc HelpDesk and F.A.Q.

L.   Database Structure of Exported and View Files

L1. Interface.dbf, Quickmap.dbf, Quickprj.dbf and Notices.dbf Exports
L2. Mineral.dbf, Reserve.dbf and Product.dbf Extracts
L3. Project1.dbf and Project2.dbf Extracts
L4. Templates for MINFILE Master Reports (View Files)

M.   The MINFILE/pc Readme.doc File

N.    MINFILE/pc V. 4.5 (Y2K Edition) Menu Tree

O.    Computer Memory Notes

P.    Samples of Reports



Capsule Geology & Bibliography
Map Legend
Map Commodity Index
Data Dictionary Control
MINFILE Number Index
Primary Name Index
Primary Commodity Index
NTS Map Index
Alphabetical Index
Commodity Index
MINFILE Reserves/Resources


Exploration Reports

Exploration Reserves/Resources
Exploration and Development
Exploration Master
Exploration Notes


Q.    Install Notes for Windows 95, 98 and Windows 2000