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Ministry of Energy Mines and Responsible for Core Review

Appendix J: Data Entry Examples


Selecting the occurrence by the MINFILE number:



Selecting the screen you want:



Selecting the Edit function you want:



Appending "cobalt" to the commodities list:



Revising "copper" to read "cobalt" in the Commodities list:



Revising the Comment field using the Foxbase text editor:



Browsing the Lithologies field:



Deleting "argillite" from the Lithologies field:



Moving "Volcanic Flow" to the first position in the Lithologies field:



Inserting "Regional" in the Metamorphic Type field:



Submitting the changes to the database:



Trying to change screens before submitting:



Choosing the Reserves or Production screens automatically leaves you at the options function:



Selecting an existing ore zone and category to edit:



Deleting existing Production data: