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Ministry of Energy Mines and Responsible for Core Review
Description (File name) Section or Appendix
Status (E02) 3.4
Mining Divisions (E09) 3.7
UTM Zones (E01) 3.8.2
Location Certainty (E01) 3.10
Commodities(E19) 4.1 and II
Alteration Type (E21) 4.3
Mineral,Rock and Modifier (E20a,b,E25,E26) 5.7 and III
Deposit Character (E05) 4.4
Deposit Classification (E07) 4.5
Deposit Type (E30) 4.6 and XIV
Mineralization and Stratigraphic Age (E24) V
Dating Method (E22) 4.10
Deposit Shape (E06) 4.11.1
Deposit Shape Modifier (E04) 4.11.2
Hostrock Type (E03) 5.1
Stratigraphic (Formal/Informal) Host (E23) 5.2 and IV
Tectonic Belt (E12) 6.1
Terrane (E13) 6.2 and VI
Physiographic Area (E14) 6.3
Metamorphic Type (E15) 6.4.1
Metamorphic Relationship (E17) 6.4.2
Metamorphic Grade/Rank (E16) 6.4.3
Bibliography Abbreviations 8.1
Bibliography Reference Sources 8.1
Inventory Categories (E29) 9.3
Sample Type (E28) 9.5
Ore Zone (E27) (Generic Names only) XV
Coder Names, Initials and NTS Areas XII
Summary of Data Field Characteristics XI