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Ministry of Energy Mines and Responsible for Core Review



11.1 Year
11.2 Work Type
11.3 Amount
11.4 Other Comments


Note: This data is currently being collected as comments in Capsule Geology.


The work history is a compilation of all significant mining/exploration activity carried out on an occurrence. It requires a year, or range of years with associated work types and pertinent information on the owner/operator or the results of the work. It is not necessary to include all work done, only those activities which have added significantly to the database for a given occurrence.


11.1 YEAR


This is the year or range of years of the work described.




This identifies the type of work carried out. There are plans to establish links between the MINFILE and ARIS (Assessment Report Information System) systems. Work type database codes used in the ARIS system are summarized in Appendix IX. Listing all the work done is not required but all significant work, such as results and development of the occurrence, should be documented.




This is a description to quantify the amount of work carried out. Examples of units of measure for each work type are identified in Appendix IX. Drilling should include both the total number of holes and metres drilled.




The operator/owner should be identified and other significant information concerning the work activity. If available, one should identify the person or persons supervising the surveys and the claims the work was carried out on within a large group, etc. It is important to keep material in the comment field as concise as possible. Do not write lengthy descriptions!