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Ministry of Energy Mines and Responsible for Core Review



MINFILE is a relational database containing information on metallic, industrial mineral and coal occurrences within the Province of British Columbia.


An occurrence is defined as in-situ bedrock or placer mineralization, on surface, in drill holes, or in underground workings; generally, it does not include float, geochemical or geophysical anomalies.

The MINFILE/pc software is used to enter data, search, sort and manipulate the MINFILE database. Such data manipulation allows efficient access to information on over 12,200 occurrence descriptions.

The purpose of this manual is to instruct users in the collection and entry of data into the database. This manual is an update of Version 4.5, July 2000.  For comprehensive information concerning the MINFILE/pc program refer to the MINFILE/pc User's Manual.

Comments and requests for MINFILE information, this Manual, MINFILE/pc system diskettes and the MINFILE/pc User's Manual should be directed to:


Ministry of Energy and Mines
Energy and Minerals Division, Geological Survey Branch
PO Box 9333 Stn Prov Govt
Victoria  BC, Canada V8V 1X4
Location: 5th Floor - 1810 Blanshard Street

MINFILE Team Contacts:

Sarah Meredith-Jones (250) 387-5261
Larry Jones (250) 952-0386

FAX: (250) 952-0381