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Ministry of Energy Mines and Responsible for Core Review




This is a mandatory, free-form (70-character lines), detailed deposit description incorporating all the data in the coded fields and including more specific information on the geological setting and the controls of economic mineralization. Essentially there is no limit to the length of the description but one should consider that MINFILE is intended as a summary of geological characteristics, not a definitive thesis on any given occurrence. A five-space indent begins every paragraph.   Tables should have lines before and after to signal a change to fixed font when data is exported to the CD-ROM or Web.

As a general rule the following types of information should be included in every capsule geology:

  • Brief pertinent comments on location
  • Brief comments on work history (see Section 11, Work History).
  • Hostrock Group(s), Formation(s), age, lithology and structure (regional and local geology for important occurrences and only local geology for minor showings).
  • All ore, gangue and alteration mineralogy.
  • Comments on the genetic type and significant characteristics of the deposit.
  • General ore controls.
  • Wherever available, include average assay values, gross production figures, and/or inventory figures.
  • Descriptions are to be in proper sentences, not in point form and no abbreviations please!

Refer to Appendix X for further information.


The coder must insure that all significant data included in the data fields (particularly for Formal/Informal Host, Rock Types, Minerals, Commodities and the Deposit Character and Classification) are included and discussed within the text of the Capsule Geology. Likewise, all geological data appearing in the text must be included in the appropriate data fields.