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Ministry of Energy Mines and Responsible for Core Review





The MINFILE bibliography is intended to identify all significant references for a deposit. In general, references are to be quoted in summary format, identifying publication, year and page. References of particular value in identifying or describing a deposit should be marked with an asterisk (*).


Standard referencing techniques should be used for publications or references which are not included in the list of abbreviations below or which do not fit in a summary format. When listing the appropriate references, the coding geologist should attempt to list them in the same order as outlined in the listing of abbreviated codes. Use unlimited, 70-character lines to list references. If more than one line is required for a reference or list of similar references, then indent the second line and subsequent lines by 3 characters.


Example of a standard reference:

Price, R.A. (1962): Fernie Map-area, East Half, Alberta and British Columbia, Geological Survey of Canada, Paper 61-24.

The corresponding MINFILE abbreviated reference is:

"GSC P 61-24"

"Property File" alone is not identified as a reference. The specific document used should be identified as the reference source and should be listed under the heading of "EMPR PF" which indicates that this item is found within the Ministry's Property File. Each item in the list is separated by a semicolon.


For example: 

EMPR PF (Total Energold Ltd., Annual Report, 1989; Cassiar Mining Corp., maps and notes, 1987).

The following formats should be followed in coding references:

  • List references in the same order as the listing of abbreviated codes.
  • All reference abbreviations must be in upper case letters.
  • All older versions of Ministry names should appear as "EMPR".
  • Two or more similar references should be joined, e.g., GSC MEM 217, p. 118 and GSC MEM 110 should be: GSC MEM 110; 217, p. 118.
  • Order of references should be lowest number to highest or earliest date to present.
  • Lists of references are separated by a semicolon (;) except for EMPR Assessment Reports which are separated by commas.
  • An asterisk (*) should identify important references and should be placed before the number, year or name not at the beginning, e.g., EMPR ASS RPT 10172, *12470, 13131 and, EMPR AR *1901-13; 1914-98; *1936-45 GSC P 31; *45, p. 10.
  • Property File references contain information in brackets. e.g., EMPR PF (Smith, B.J. (1939)......).
  • Page numbers should follow the main reference separated by a comma e.g., EMPR OF 1987, p. 35 and GSC BULL, pp. 35-107.
  • The following exceptions use hyphens rather than page designations due to the volume of references, e.g., EMPR EXPL 1977-33, EMPR GEM 1981-252, and EMPR AR 1900-122; 1901-383.

A listing of abbreviated codes for selected publications commonly referred to in MINFILE is as follows:

EMPR (Ministry of Energy, Mines and Petroleum Resources) (1*)
EI (Ministry of Employment and Investment) used between April 1996 and February 1998
EM (Ministry of Energy and Mines) used for publications after February 1998


AEROMAG MAP Aeromagnetic Map
AR Minister of Mines Annual Report (1874-1968) (1969-1979 includes metal production tables)
ASS RPT Assessment Report (fiche and hard copy reports in regional offices and Victoria Library)
BC METAL File containing production data from Land Management and Policy Branch  (now Minerals, Oil and Gas Branch, Resource Development Division)
BULL Bulletin
COMM FILE Commodity File
ENG INSP Engineering and Inspection Branch (Abandoned Mines Plans Fiche and MDRP Reports) - see LMP
EXPL Exploration in British Columbia (1975-1997); Exploration and Mining in British Columbia (1998-current)
EXPLORE BC EXPLORE BC Program (1994-1996) (files: GMIP - Grassroots Mineral Incentive Program; MEIP - Mineral Exploration Incentive Program; AMEP - Accelerated Mine Exploration Program)
FIELDWORK Fieldwork, year, page
GEM Geology, Exploration and Mining in British Columbia (1969-74)
GEOLOGY Geology in British Columbia
GEOS MAP Geoscience Map
IND MIN FILE Industrial Minerals File (currently with Dan Hora)
INDEX Index to Minister of Mines Annual Reports (e.g. INDEX 3 (to 1953); INDEX 4 (1954 to 1964))
INF CIRC Information Circular
IR Information Report (Summary of Operations) (1980-1984)
LMP Land Management and Policy Branch (Abandoned Mines Plans Fiche) - formerly ENG INSP; now Mines Branch
MDAP Mine Development Assessment Process (available in Ministry library)
MEIP Mineral Exploration Incentive Program (1978-1979)
MER Mineral Exploration Review (see also Information Circulars circa 1983-1 to present)
MINING Mining in British Columbia (1975-1980; 1981-1985; 1986-1987; 1988)
MIN POT MAP Mineral Potential Map
MIN STATS B.C. Mineral Statistics Annual Summary Tables (1985-1990); B.C. Mineral Output (Statistical Output) (1990 to present)
MR MAP Mineral Reference Map (showing surveyed claims)
NGR National Geochemical Reconnaisance (1978 and before)
OF Open File
P Paper
PAP Prospectors Assistance Program (EXPLORE BC Program (1994-1996))
PERS COMM Personal Communication or Office Memos
PF Property File (located in Victoria Library)
PRELIM MAP Preliminary Map
RGS Regional Geochemical Survey (1978-current)


EMR (Energy, Mines and Resources Canada, now Natural Resources Canada NRCan) (2*)


AEROMAG MAP Aeromagnetic Map
MIN BULL MR # Mineral Bulletin MR # (e.g. 166; 181 (1976, 1977, 1978); 198 (1983); 223 (1989))
MP COMM FILE Commodity File
MP CORPFILE Corporation File (similar to our Property Files, but located in Ottawa)
MP RESFILE Reserves File (located in Ottawa)
MRI Mineral Policy Sector Internal Report (e.g. MRI 80/7 (1980))


GSC (Geological Survey of Canada) (3*)


ANN RPT Annual Report
BULL Bulletin
CAT Catalogues
EC GEOL Economic Geology Report
GB Guidebooks
MAP Map (examples of types: 12-1975, 1978-1, 1203A, 4596G)
MB Museum Bulletins
MEM Memoir
MISC RPT Miscellaneous Reports
OF Open File
P Paper
PROG RPT Progress Report
SUM RPT Summary Report


CANMET (formerly Mines Branch) (4*)


IR Investigation Report
RPT Publications
TB Technical Bulletin




AAPG American Association of Petroleum Geologists Bulletin
AEG The Association of Exploration Geochemists
Air Photo Air Photograph
ARMS Aggregate Resource Management System (Ministry of Transportation and Highways)
CAN ROCKHOUND The Canadian Rockhound; includes Internet Magazine (
CIM Canadian Institute of Mining
CJES Canadian Journal of Earth Sciences
CMH Canadian Mines Handbook
CMJ Canadian Mining Journal
CSPG Canadian Society of Petroleum Geologist Bulletin
DIAND Department of Indian and Northern Affairs (5*)
ECON GEOL Economic Geology and Bulletin of the Society of Economic Geologists
EMG Exploration and Mining Geology (Journal of the Geological Society of CIM)
EMJ Engineering and Mining Journal
FIN POST Financial Post
GAC Geological Association of Canada
GCNL George Cross News Letter
Geotech File Geotechnical File for gravel pits (Ministry of Transportation and Highways)
GSA Geological Society of America
IAEA International Atomic Energy Agency
IPDM International Prospector and Developer Magazine
JGE Journal of Geochemical Exploration
MAC Mining Association of Canada
MEG Mineral Exploration Group (Vancouver)
MIN REV Mining Review Magazine
MTH Ministry of Transportation and Highways: District Pit or Provincial Pit (gravel pit numbers)
NAGMIN North American Gold Mining Industry News
N MINER Northern Miner (
N MINER MAG Northern Miner Magazine
NW PROSP Northwest Prospector Miners & Developers Bulletin
PERS COMM Personal Communication
PR REL Press Release
SMF Statement of Material Facts
USGS United States Geological Survey
VSE Vancouver Stock Exchange
V STOCKWATCH Vancouver Stockwatch
WIN Western Investment News
W MINER Western Miner and Oil Review Magazine
WWW World Wide Web (Internet) (see Industry Web Links in MINFILE)


References are available from the following sources:


Ministry of Energy, Mines & Petroleum Resources, Library Services, PO Box 9321 Stn Prov Govt, Victoria  BC  V8W 9N3; Location 1st Flr. - 1810 Blanshard Street, Phone: (250) 952-0583; Fax: (250) 952-0581; Email:; WWW:





2* National Mineral Inventory (NMI)/CORPFILE, Contacts: Yvan Gauthier, Director, Minerals & Mining Statistics Division, Minerals and Metals Sector, 580 Booth Street, 9th Floor, 9A3, Ottawa, Ontario, K1A 0E8 Phone: (613) 996-5786, e-mail:; WWW: (Note: MINSYS - computer database is no longer active; status of NMI and CORPFILE is unknown.)
Earth Sciences Information Centre (ESIC), Geological Survey of Canada (GSC), 601 Booth Street, Ottawa, Ontario, K1A 0E8; Bookstore: Phone (613) 995-4342, Fax (613) 943-0646, Email:; Library: Phone: (613) 996-3919, Fax: (613) 943-8742, Email:; Interlibrary Loan Service: Phone: (613) 996-1604, Fax: (613) 943-8742, Email:; GSC WWW:; ESIC WWW:


Geoscience Research Library, Geological Survey of Canada, Pacific, 625 Robson St., Vancouver, BC, V6B 5J3, Phone: (604) 666-3812, Fax: (604) 666-7186, Email:; Maps and Publication Sales: 625 Robson St., Phone: (604) 666-0271, Fax: (604) 666-1337; WWW:

4* Minerals and Metals Sector, CANMET - Mineral Technology Branch, 555 Booth St., Ottawa, Ontario, K1A 0G1, Phone: (613) 995-4029; WWW: (Note: this contact is unconfirmed.)
5* Exploration and Geological Services Division, Indian and Northern Affairs, 345-300 Main Street, Whitehorse, YT, Y1A 2B5; Contacts: Grant Abbott, Chief Geologist, Phone: (867) 667-3200, Fax: (867) 393-6232, Email:; Robert Deklerk, Minfile Geologist, Phone: (867) 667-3205, Fax: (867) 667-3198, Email:; WWW: