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Ministry of Energy Mines and Responsible for Core Review

Appendix IX - Work Type Codes and Measurements


General Type Specific Type Work Type Work Type Unit of Measurement
Geological General or unknown GEOL Hectares
Photo FOTO Hectares
Petrographic PETR Number of sample(s)
Mineralographic MNGR Number of sample(s)
Geophysical General or Unknown GEOP Kilometres
Magnetic, ground MAGG Kilometres
Magnetic, airborne MAGA Kilometres
Electromagnetic, ground EMGR Kilometres
Electromagnetic, airborne EMAB Kilometres
Induced Polarization IPOL Kilometres
Radiometric, ground RADG Kilometres
Radiometric, airborne RADA Kilometres
Seismic SEIS Kilometres
Dip needle DIPN Kilometres
Self potential SPOT Kilometres
Gravity GRAV Kilometres
Resistivity (alone) REST Kilometres
Mise-a-la-masse MALM Metres
Scintillometer, ground SCGR Kilometres
Scintillometer, airborne SCAB Kilometres
Gamma ray spectrometer, ground GRSG Kilometres
Gamma ray spectrometer, airborne GRSA Kilometres
Radiometric drill hole probing RADP Metres
Radon gas scintillometry RGAS Kilometres
Radar RADR Kilometres
Infra-red INFR Kilometres
Geochemical General or unknown GEOC
Fission track etch ETCH Number of sample(s)
Soil SOIL Number of sample(s)
Silt SILT Number of sample(s)
Rock ROCK Number of sample(s)
Heavy minerals HMIN Number of sample(s)
Sampling/assaying SAMP Number of sample(s)
Metallurgic META Number of sample(s)
Water HYDG Number of sample(s)
Biogeochemistry BIOG Number of sample(s)
Drilling General or unknown DRIL Metres/number of holes
Diamond (surface) DIAD Metres/number of holes
Diamond (underground) UNDD Metres/number of holes
Percussion PERD Metres/number of holes
Rotary ROTD Metres/number of holes
Becker Hammer BHDR Metres/number of holes
Churn CHUD Metres/number of holes
Overburden OBDR Metres/number of holes
Prospecting Prospecting PROS Hectares
Physical General or unknown PHYS
Legal surveys LSUR Kilometres
Topographic/photogrammetric TOPO Hectares
Line/grid LINE Kilometres
Road, local access ROAD Kilometres
Trench TREN Metres/number of trenches
Underground development UNDV Metres
Reclamation RECL Hectares
Trail TRAL Kilometres
Underground surveys USUR Metres
Stripping STRI Hectares
Pits PITS Number of pits(s)
Sluicing/Panning SLUC Amount
Staking STAK Number of claims
Crown Granted CGRT Number of crown grants
Rail RAIL Kilometres
Tram Lines TRAM Kilometres
Mill Construction MILL -----
Rehabilitation RHAB -----
Mining/Milling Production MINE -----
Feasibility Study FEAS -----