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Ministry of Energy Mines and Responsible for Core Review

Appendix I - Procedure For Deriving Mnemonic Mineral Codes


The following system, which has been implemented by various data systems and organizations, is used for deriving mnemonic mineral codes. The mnemonic code is derived by eliminating letters of the original term until only 4 remain. The ranking of letters in order of elimination is as follows:


1. A 15. D
2. E 16. C
3. I 17. M
4. O 18. F
5. U 19. G
6. W 20. P
7. H 21. K
8. Y 22. B
9. Double letters (delete one) 23. V
10. T 24. X
11. N 25. J
12. S 26. Q
13. R 27. Z
14. L  
  1. The first letter of each word is retained.
  2. Remove insignificant words, such as "the", "on", "a", "an", etc.
  3. Only one letter of a double letter occurrence is deleted.
  4. Deletion continues until the code word is reduced to 4 letters.
  5. Words already smaller than the predetermined size carry blank notations to complete the code.
  6. The word is entered on the left in the field and any blanks will be on the right side.
  7. Some duplicates may appear; they must be arbitrarily changed by some central authority if system-wide uniqueness is to be maintained.

If a code does not exist in the system use the above rules to derive the mnemonic code and then enter the code in the appropriate section in both mnemonic code and full name. These will be approved and entered into the system by the MINFILE team.