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Ministry of Energy Mines and Responsible for Core Review


2012 Geoscience Research Proposals



In today's world, innovation is the key for our province to excel in the global and technology-driven industries such as the Energy and Mining sectors. The Ministry of Energy, Mines and Natural Gas (MEM) recognizes the importance of investing in tomorrow's researchers and industry leaders to foster BC's innovation and research capacity.


MEM and the University of Victoria (UVic) established a Social Science and Science Partnership in February 2003 (Agreement).  This Partnership was very successful and was extended twice for 5 year terms; in 2006 and most recently in 2011.  The goal of this partnership is to promote innovation and support co-op student and research projects that will benefit UVic, MEM and the British Columbia energy and mining sectors. It is important that projects funded under this partnership are supported by both UVic and MEM and meet the commitments of the partnership agreement.


The partnership is led by a committee consisting of nine members from both MEM and UVic. The committee's mandate is to ensure sound management and direction of all the activities taken under this partnership.  The committee established an application procedure and selection criteria to ensure each application is carefully reviewed and the most suitable projects are selected for funding. 


For more information on the MEM-UVic Partnership, please contact:


Adrian Hickin (Partnership Committee Secretary)
Ministry of Energy, Mines and Natural Gas
BC Geological Survey
Phone: 250.953.3801
Fax: 250.952.0381


Wendy Major (Partnership Committee Treasurer)
University of Victoria
Administrative Officer, Faculty of Social Sciences
Phone: 250.721-7064
Fax: 250.472-4583



2012 Call for Proposals

The MEM-UVic Research Partnership is pleased to announce a new call for research proposals focused on the geology and mineral deposits of British Columbia. The deadline for 2012 applications is November 1, 2012.  Details about the application procedure can be found on the Application Procedures web page.


Last updated September 2012