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Ministry of Energy Mines and Responsible for Core Review


NTS 92L/102I - Alert Bay/Cape Scott / RGS 23 / GSC OF 2040 /
GBC 2009-5 / GBC R2011-4 / GBC 2013-2 / GBC 2013-11 / GBC 2013-12


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The Alert Bay/Cape Scott (NTS 92L/102I) reconnaissance-scale stream sediment and water survey was completed in 1988 and the resulting field and analytical data were released in 1989. A total of 1207 sediment and 1174 water samples were collected from 1140 sample sites. Moss-mat sediment and stream water samples were collected from 984 sites on Vancouver Island. Stream sediment and water samples were collected from 156 sites on the mainland.


Geoscience BC Report 2009-5 is part of the QUEST-West project, which covers over 40,000 kilometers from Vanderhoof and Fort St. James to Terrace and Kitimat. The Regional District of Bulkley-Nechako, Northern Development Initiative Trust and the BC Geological Survey (Ministry of Energy, Mines and Petroleum Resources) partner with Geoscience BC on this project. This digital release includes inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry (ICP-MS) results for a total of 3479 archived stream and lake sediment samples that cover parts of NTS map sheets 93E, F, L, and M.


Geoscience BC Report 2011-4 contains results of the 2010 Vancouver Island Reanalysis project plus previously published data for gold, fluorine and loss on ignition in stream sediments and fluoride, uranium and pH in stream waters. This information has been provided in a variety of digital formats. PDF files include survey descriptions and details regarding methods, field and analytical data listings, summary statistics, sample location map, geology map and maps for individual metals. Raw digital data of original field and analytical information plus new reanalysis results are included in Excel (XLS) format.


Geoscience BC Report 2013-2 presents the results of the Northern Vancouver Island airborne magnetic survey, located near the communities of Port Hardy, Port McNeill, Port Alice and Zeballos. Geo Data Solutions Inc. flew the survey during August and September 2012. The survey was flown at a line spacing of 250 m, and the total survey coverage is 19,342 line-km.


Geoscience BC Report 2013-11 presents the results of the Regional Stream Sediment and Water Geochemical Data conducted on northern Vancouver Island by W. Jackaman (Noble Exploration Services Ltd.).  A total of 721 moss-trapped sediment samples plus water were acquired from 681 stream sites located in a 10,000 km2 survey area north of the communities of Campbell River and Zeballos, within NTS 1:250,000 map sheets 092L, 092K and 102I.  Sample locations were selected to increase geochemical coverage and combined with historical survey work (see Geoscience BC Report 2013-12), the resulting average sample site density has been improved to one site every 5 km2.


Geoscience BC Report 2013-12 presents new ICP-MS results for 433 till samples collected during the original northern Vancouver Island till surveys done in the 1990s. These new results provide a coherent dataset when combined with the results from the new sampling completed in 2012 (see Geoscience BC Report 2013-11). The silt and clay fractions for these till samples, plus 36 quality-control samples, were delivered to Acme Analytical Laboratories Ltd. (Vancouver, BC) and analyzed by an ultra-trace aqua-regia digestion (0.5 g) ICP-MS technique for 53 elements. ICP-MS results have been provided in the Microsoft® Excel (XLS) file GBC REPORT 2013-12.XLS. The data have been carefully checked for analytical quality using blind duplicate samples and control reference material. When determined to be complete and accurate, the reanalysis data were merged with sample site location information downloaded from the BCGS website.

Analytical Data
Sediments Sediments
element method detection limit element method detection limit
Zinc AAS 2 ppm Fluoride ION 40 ppm
Copper AAS 2 ppm Bismuth AAS-H 0.2 ppm
Lead AAS 2 ppm Barium AAS-H 0.2 ppm
Nickel AAS 2 ppm Chromium AAS 5 ppm
Cobalt AAS 2 ppm Iron AAS 0.02%
Silver AAS 0.2 ppm Molybdenum AAS 1 ppm
Manganese AAS 5 ppm Uranium NADNC 0.5 ppm
Tin AAS 1 ppm Gold FA 2 ppb
Tungsten COLOR 1 ppm
Mercury AAS-F 10 ppb
Arsenic AAS-H 0.2 ppm Waters
Antimony AAS-H 0.2 ppm element method detection limit
Cadmium AAS 0.2 ppm pH GCE 0.1
Vanadium AAS 5 ppm Uranium LIF 0.05 ppb
Loss on Ignition GRAV 0.10% Fluoride ION 20 ppb


The 1988 stream sediment and water survey was conducted by the British Columbia Ministry of Energy, Mines and Petroleum Resources (MEMPR). Funding was supplied in part by the Canada-British Columbia Mineral Development Agreement (1985 - 1990).


Program activities were managed by P.F. Matysek, J.L. Gravel and W. Jackaman.  Contracts were let to the following companies for sample collection, preparation and analysis.


COLLECTION:  McElhanney Engineering Services Limited, Vancouver, B.C.
PREPARATION:  Kamloops Research and Assay Lab, Kamloops, B.C.
ANALYSIS: Chemex Laboratories, North Vancouver, B.C. (Sediments)
Barringer Magenta Labs Ltd., Calgary, Alta. (Waters)