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Ministry of Energy Mines and Responsible for Core Review



NTS 104B - Iskut River

BC RGS 18 / GSC OF 1645 / BCGS GF2003-20 / GBC 2011-2  / GBC 2013-5

The Iskut River (NTS 104B) reconnaissance-scale stream sediment and water survey was completed in 1987 and the resulting field and analytical data were released in 1988. A total of 698 sediment and 684 water samples were collected from 660 sample sites.


BC Geological Survey's GeoFile 2003-20 describes the re-analysis of RGS data from the Iskut River region.  Selected elements are grouped into mineral deposit types and three associations are found in this area: As-Sb-Hg-Ag clusters for epithermal sub-aqueous hot spring massive sulphides, Cu-Mo-Ag-Au for Cu-Mo Porphyries and Ni-Co-Mg for Cu-Ni intrusive deposits.


GBC Report 2011-2 details efforts by Geoscience BC to update older government funded regional geochemical survey (RGS) information have been ongoing since 2007. In 2010, drainage sediment samples from previous RGS programs conducted in northern BC from 1978 to 1997 were targeted for reanalysis by aqua-regia digestion ICP-MS. These surveys cover parts of NTS map areas 094C, D, E, L, M and 104B, G, I, O, P. This extremely prospective region contains the Stewart, Toodoggone and Cassiar mining camps which host numerous mineral prospects and producing mines.


A total of 7651 samples were analyzed for 53 analytes by ICP-MS and the data have now been prepared for public release as Geoscience BC Report 2011-2. The digital compilation combines original survey information with new data for base, precious, pathfinder plus rare earth elements. In order to provide full coverage of the study area, data from more recent RGS programs conducted in NTS map areas 104A, H and J have also been included in the compilation.


GBC Report 2013-5 reports that between 1989 and 1993, the Mineral Deposit Research Unit (MDRU) at the University of British Columbia conducted the study "Metallogenesis of the Iskut River Area, Northwestern British Columbia" (the Iskut River Area Project). This project was undertaken in response to intense interest by the mineral exploration and mining industry and the need for an integrated approach to metallogenesis and discovery in the region. The original MDRU maps associated with this project were released in Lewis et al. (2001) as Adobe Acrobat® PDF files of AutoCAD® line drawings.


Geoscience BC and MDRU re-released these highly detailed maps to the public in a modern GIS format. Geoscience BC has converted the original AutoCAD linework to topologically correct features in GIS format and the revised maps are now available as ArcGIS shapefiles and PDF digital maps. The three 1:50 000 scale maps cover an area of approximately 1512 km2 and include NTS map sheets 104B/08, /09, /10 and parts of 104B/01, /07, /11. They illustrate the complex volcano-sedimentary stratigraphy, structural architecture and intrusive complexity of this highly prospective region of the province and provide some of the most detailed and comprehensive mapping data available to the public for this region.


The three 1:50 000 scale maps have been compiled into a single map that covers the same area of approximately 1512 km2 and includes NTS map sheets 104B/08, /09, /10 and parts of 104B/01, /07, /11.  The map illustrates the complex volcano-sedimentary stratigraphy, structural architecture and intrusive complexity of this highly prospective region of the province and provides some of the most detailed and comprehensive mapping data for this region.


Analytical Data 
Sediments Sediments
element method detection limit element method detection limit
Zinc AAS 2 ppm Loss on Ignition GRAV 0.10%
Copper AAS 2 ppm Fluoride ION 40 ppm
Lead AAS 2 ppm Barium AAS-H 0.2 ppm
Nickel AAS 2 ppm Gold FA 2 ppb
Cobalt AAS 2 ppm Iron AAS 0.02%
Silver AAS 0.2 ppm Molybdenum AAS 1 ppm
Manganese AAS 5 ppm Uranium NADNC 0.5 ppm
Tin AAS 1 ppm
Tungsten COLOR 1 ppm
Mercury AAS-F 10 ppb Waters
Arsenic AAS-H 0.2 ppm element method detection limit
Antimony AAS-H 0.2 ppm pH GCE 0.1
Cadmium AAS 0.2 ppm Uranium LIF 0.05 ppb
Vanadium AAS 5 ppm Fluoride ION 20 ppb



Element Detection Limit Units
Aluminum Al 0.01 %
Antimony Sb 0.02 ppm
Arsenic As 0.1 ppm
Boron B 20 ppm
Barium Ba 0.5 ppm
Bismuth Bi 0.02 ppm
Cadmium Cd 0.01 ppm
Calcium Ca 0.01 %
Chromium Cr 0.5 ppm
Cobalt Co 0.1 ppm
Copper Cu 0.01 ppm
Gallium Ga 0.1 ppm
Gold Au 0.2 ppb
Iron Fe 0.01 %
Lanthanum La 0.5 ppm
Lead Pb 0.01 ppm
Magnesium Mg 0.01 %
Manganese Mn 1 ppm
Mercury Hg 5 ppb
Molybdenum Mo 0.01 ppm
Nickel Ni 0.1 ppm
Phosphorus P 0.001 %
Potassium K 0.01 %
Scandium Sc 0.1 ppm
Selenium Se 0.1 ppm
Silver Ag 2 ppb
Sodium Na 0.001 %
Strontium Sr 0.5 ppm
Sulphur S 0.01 %
Tellurium Te 0.02 ppm
Thallium Tl 0.02 ppm
Thorium Th 0.1 ppm
Titanium Ti 0.001 %
Tungsten W 0.1 ppm
Uranium U 0.1 ppm
Vanadium V 2 ppm
Zinc Zn 0.1 ppm
Beryllium Be 0.1 ppm
Cerium Ce 0.1 ppm
Cesium Cs 0.02 ppm
Germanium Ge 0.1 ppm
Hafnium Hf 0.02 ppm
Indium In 0.02 ppm
Lithium Li 0.1 ppm
Niobium Nb 0.02 ppm
Rubidium Rb 0.1 ppm
Rhenium Re 1 ppb
Tin Sn 0.1 ppm
Tantalum Ta 0.05 ppm
Yttrium Y 0.01 ppm
Zirconium Zr 0.1 ppm
Platinum Pl 2 ppb
Palladium Pd 10 ppb


The 1987 survey was undertaken by the British Columbia Ministry of Energy, Mines and Petroleum Resources (MEMPR) in conjunction with the Geological Survey of Canada (GSC).  Funding was provided by the GSC under a "Letter of Understanding" for a co-operative project and by the Canada - British Columbia Mineral Development Agreement (1985 - 1989).


E.H.W. Hornbrook and P.W.B. Friske directed and coordinated the activities of the GSC staff. P.F. Matysek directed and coordinated the MEMPR activities. 


The following contracts for collection, sample preparation and analysis were supervised by the MEMPR staff.


COLLECTION:  McElhanney Engineering Services Limited, Vancouver, B.C.
J.L. Gravel (MEMPR)
PREPARATION:  Kamloops Research and Assay Lab, Kamloops, B.C.
W.M. Johnson (MEMPR) 
ANALYSIS: Bondar Clegg and Company Ltd., North Vancouver, B.C. (Sediments)
Barringer Magenta, Calgary, Alta. (Waters)
P.F. Matysek (MEMPR)