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Ministry of Energy Mines and Responsible for Core Review



NTS 103 I/J - Terrace/Prince Rupert

1/42 /  GSC OF 772/734  / GSB OF 2001-13 / GBC 2008-11 

The Terrace/Prince Rupert (NTS 103I/J) reconnaissance-scale stream sediment and water survey was completed in 1978 and the resulting field and analytical data were released in 1979. A total of 2253 sediment and 2237 water samples were collected from 2128 sample sites.


As part of the RGS Archive Program, 2245 archived sediment pulps were re-analyzed by epithermal INAA and this new data along with original survey results were re-published in 1995.


BC Geological Survey's Open File 2001-13 presents the geochemistry of the Ecstall Greenstone Belt of British Columbia (103H/103I) between the Skeena River and Douglas Channel.   A total of 242 sediment samples and 241 water samples were collected from 228 sites covering over 1,800 square kilometers at a density of one sample per 7  km2.

Sediment samples were analysed by INAA and aqua regia-ICPMS for base and precious metals, pathfinder and rare earth elements.  Water samples were analysed for pH, uranium, sulphate and fluoride.  This region has a high potential for the discovery of new volcanogenic massive sulphide (VMS) mineralization.  The survey was conducted in 2000.


In December 2008, Geoscience BC released the reanalysis of archived stream sediment samples by inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry (ICP-MS). Geoscience BC Report 2008-11 includes results from the original 1978 survey, instrumental neutron activation analysis (INAA) data released in 1995, and the new ICP-MS data.

Original Analytical Data 


Analytical Data
Element Detection Limit Units
Aluminum 0.01 %
Antimony 0.02 ppm
Arsenic 0.1 ppm
Barium 0.5 ppm
Beryllium 0.1 ppm
Bismuth 0.02 ppm
Cadmium 0.01 ppm
Calcium 0.01 %
Cerium 0.1 ppm
Cesium 0.02 ppm
Chromium 0.5 ppm
Cobalt 0.1 ppm
Copper 0.01 ppm
Gallium 0.1 ppm
Germanium 0.1 ppm
Gold 0.2 ppb
Hafnium 0.02 ppm
Indium 0.02 ppm
Iron 0.01 %
Lanthanum 0.5 ppm
Lead 0.01 ppm
Lithium 0.1 ppm
Magnesium 0.01 %
Manganese 1 ppm
Mercury 5 ppb
Molybdenum 0.01 ppm
Nickel 0.1 ppm
Niobium 0.02 ppm
Palladium 10 ppb
Phosphorus 0.001 %
Platinum 2 ppb
Potassium 0.01 %
Rhenium 1 ppb
Rubidium 0.1 ppm
Scandium 0.1 ppm
Selenium 0.1 ppm
Silver 2 ppb
Sodium 0.001 %
Strontium 0.5 ppm
Sulphur 0.02 %
Tellurium 0.02 ppm
Thallium 0.02 ppm
Thorium 0.1 ppm
Tin 0.1 ppm
Titanium 0.001 %
Tungsten 0.1 ppm
Uranium 0.1 ppm
Vanadium 2 ppm
Yttrium 0.01 ppm
Zinc 0.1 ppm
Zirconium 0.1 ppm
INAA Sediments
Element Detection Limit Units  Method
Antimony 0.1 ppm INAA
Arsenic 0.5 ppm INAA
Barium 100 ppm INAA
Bromine 0.5 ppm INAA
Cerium 10 ppm INAA
Cesium 0.5 ppm INAA
Chromium 5 ppm INAA
Cobalt 5 ppm INAA
Gold 2 ppb INAA
Hafnium 1 ppm INAA
Iron 0.2 % INAA
Lanthanum 5 ppm INAA
Lutetium 0.2 ppm INAA
Molybdenum 1 ppm INAA
Nickel 10 ppm INAA
Rubidium 5 ppm INAA
Samarium 0.5 ppm INAA
Scandium 0.5 ppm INAA
Sodium 0.10 % INAA
Tantalum 0.5 ppm INAA
Terbium 0.5 ppm INAA
Thorium 0.5 ppm INAA
Tungsten 2 ppm INAA
Uranium 0.2 ppm INAA
Ytterbium 2 ppm INAA
Zirconium 200 ppm INAA
pH  0.1   GCE
Fluoride 20 ppb ION
Uranium 0.05 ppb LIF
Analytical Summary
Element Detection Limit Units  Method
Arsenic 0.5 ppm AAS-H
Cobalt 2 ppm AAS
Copper 2 ppm AAS
Iron 0.02 % AAS
Lead 2 ppm AAS
Manganese 5 ppm AAS
Mercury 10 ppb AAS-F
Molybdenum 1 ppm AAS
Nickel 2 ppm AAS
Silver 0.2 ppm AAS
Tungsten 2 ppm COLOR
Uranium 0.5 ppm NADNC
 Zinc 2 ppm AAS

Click Here To Download 103IJ RGS Data (1995) (209 KB zip file)


Geoscience BC Report 2008-11 Data Release

Metadata and Detection Limits (PDF)


The 1978 survey was managed and funded by the British Columbia Ministry of Energy, Mines and Petroleum Resources (MEMPR) as part of the Regional Geochemical Survey Program. Data management was provided by the Geological Survey of Canada (GSC).


N.C. Carter directed MEMPR activities and E.H.W. Hornbrook directed GSC activities. Contracts were let to the following companies for sample collection, preparation and analysis and were managed by staff of the MEMPR.


COLLECTION: SEMCO Ltd., Vancouver, B.C.
T.E. Kalnins, N.C. Carter, and W.M. Johnson (MEMPR)
PREPARATION: MINEN Laboratories Ltd., North Vancouver, B.C.
W.M. Johnson (MEMPR)

Chemex Laboratories Ltd., North Vancouver, B.C. (Sediments)
Novatrack Analysts Ltd., Vancouver, B.C. (U in Sediments)
Bondar Clegg Ltd., North Vancouver, B.C. (Waters)
W.M. Johnson (MEMPR)


Initiated in 1990, the RGS Archive Program was conducted by the MEMPR and was funded in part by the Canada/British Columbia Mineral Development Agreement (1985-1990). P.F. Matysek and W. Jackaman directed the activities of MEMPR staff and managed the following sample preparation and analytical contracts.


PREPARATION:  Rob Phillips, Ottawa, Ont.
ANALYSIS: Becquerel Laboratories, Mississauga, Ont.


In 2008, Geoscience BC in partnership with the Terrace Economic Development Authority (TEDA), the Regional District of Kitimat-Stikine through the Northern Development Initiative Trust (NDIT) and the KT Industrial Development Society (KTIDS) provided funding for the Terrace and Prince Rupert ICP-MS reanalysis project. L. McKeown (Progressive Ventures Ltd., Terrace) contributed to the

development of the project. P. Friske and M. McCurdy of NRCan and D. Lefebure and R. Lett of the BCGS provided project support.


PREPARATION:  Geoscience BC, Vancouver, B.C.
ANALYSIS: Acme Analytical Laboratories Ltd. Vancouver, B.C.