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Ministry of Energy Mines and Responsible for Core Review

082N, 083C, D & E


NTS 82N, 83C, D & E - Golden, Brazeau Lake, Canoe River & Mount Robson

 GBC 2006-5 / BCGS GF2006-12

During the 2005 field season, Geoscience BC funded a reconnaissance-scale drainage sediment and water surveys in southeastern British ColumbiaThe Golden, Brazeau Lake, Canoe River & Mount Robson (NTS 082N, 083C, D & E) resulting field and analytical data were released July 14, 2006. A total of 1495 sediment and water samples were collected from 1409 sample sites.


Geoscience BC Report 2006-5 / BC Geological Survey GeoFile 2006-12 includes results of the surveys. The data has been provided in a variety of digital formats. PDF files include survey descriptions and details regarding methods, field and analytical data listings, summary statistics, sample location map, geology map and maps for individual metals. Raw digital data files used in the production process are included in XLS and DBF formats.


Analytical Data
Element Detection Limit Units
Aluminum 0.01 %
Antimony 0.02 ppm
Arsenic 0.1 ppm
Barium 0.5 ppm
Bismuth 0.02 ppm
Boron 1 ppm
Cadmium 0.01 ppm
Calcium 0.01 %
Chromium 0.5 ppm
Cobalt 0.1 ppm
Copper 0.01 ppm
Gallium 0.1 ppm
Gold 0.2 ppb
Iron 0.01 %
Lanthanum 0.5 ppm
Lead 0.01 ppm
Magnesium 0.01 %
Manganese 1 ppm
Mercury 5 ppb
Molybdenum 0.01 ppm
Nickel 0.1 ppm
Phosphorus 0.001 %
Potassium 0.01 %
Scandium 0.1 ppm
Selenium 0.1 ppm
Silver 2 ppb
Sodium 0.001 %
Strontium 0.5 ppm
Sulphur 0.01 %
Tellurium 0.02 ppm
Thallium 0.02 ppm
Thorium 0.1 ppm
Titanium 0.001 %
Tungsten 0.1 ppm
Uranium 0.1 ppm
Vanadium 2 ppm
Zinc 0.1 ppm
INAA plus F and LOI
Element Detection Limit Units  Method
Antimony 0.1 ppm INAA
Arsenic 0.5 ppm INAA
Barium 50 ppm INAA
Bromine 0.5 ppm INAA
Calcium 1 % INAA
Cerium 3 ppm INAA
Cesium 1 ppm INAA
Chromium 5 ppm INAA
Cobalt 1 ppm INAA
Europium 0.2 ppm INAA
Gold 2 ppb INAA
Hafnium 1 ppm INAA
Iridium 5 ppb INAA
Iron 0.01 % INAA
Lanthanum 0.5 ppm INAA
Lutetium 0.05 ppm INAA
Mercury 1 ppm INAA
Molybdenum 1 ppm INAA
Neodymium 5 ppm INAA
Nickel 20 ppm INAA
Rubidium 5 ppm INAA
Samarium 0.1 ppm INAA
Scandium 0.1 ppm INAA
Selenium 3 ppm INAA
Silver 5 ppm INAA
Sodium 0.02 % INAA
Strontium 500 ppm INAA
Tantalum 0.5 ppm INAA
Terbium 0.5 ppm INAA
Thorium 0.2 ppm INAA
Tin 100 ppm INAA
Tungsten 1 ppm INAA
Uranium 0.5 ppm INAA
Ytterbium 0.2 ppm INAA
Zinc 50 ppm INAA
Sample Weight 0.01 gm GRAV
Fluorine 10 ppm ION
Loss on Ignition 0.1 % GRAV
pH     SNR
Fluoride 20 ppb ION
Conductivity 0.01 uS SNR


The 2005 surveys were fully funded by Geoscience BC (Contribution Number GBC018).


Companies that provided program support are listed as follows:


COLLECTION: CME Managing Consultants Inc. (“CME”)
HELICOPTER: Prism Helicopters of Pit Meadows
PREPARATION: Eco Tech Laboratory Ltd. (“Eco Tech Labs”) of Kamloops, BC

Water analyses, and Fl and LOI for sediments: Eco Tech Labs
ICP-MS analysis: Acme Analytical Laboraties Ltd., Vancouver, BC
INAA analysis: Becquerel Laboratories of Mississauga, Ontario