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Ministry of Energy Mines and Responsible for Core Review

Other Geochemical Surveys



Geochemistry Data, Netchako NATMAP Project: Bark and Glacial Lake surveys.

Stream water samples analyzed for trace and major elements:

2005: NTS 104A & H - Bowser Lake & Spatsizi River BC RGS 58
2002: NTS 93K - Fort Fraser BC RGS 57
2002: NTS 103A - Larado Sound BC RGS 56
2001: NTS 104J - Dease Lake BC RGS 55 

Biogeochemical Survey using Lodgepole Pine Bark:  Mount Milligan, Central British Columbia

          1996:  Open File 1996-17 (GSC OF3290) - by C.E. Dunn, R.G. Balma, S.J. Sibbick

A Drainage Geochemical Atlas for British Columbia

          2008:   GeoFile 2008-1 by R.E. Lett, T. Nakanishi, E. Man, P.J. Desjardins and M.G. Mihalynuk


Biochemical orientation survey data from NTS 93F/2 and 7 (Davidson-Blackwater):  Outer bark of Lodgepole Pine


          2010:  Open File 2010-05 - by C. Dunn and V.M. Levson


The Application of Surface Organic Materials as Sample Media over Deeply Buried Mineralization at the Kwanika Central Zone, North-Central BC


          2011Geoscience BC Report 2011-3 - by D.R. Heberlein (Heberlein Consulting) and C.E. Dunn
                                                                   (Colin Dunn Consulting Inc.)


Canadian Database of Geochemical Surveys