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Ministry of Energy Mines and Responsible for Core Review


Educational Resources


Earth sciences and society

Canadian Federation of Earth Sciences, 2018. Geoscience and Canada, Understanding our Earth: The vital role of Canada’s geoscientists


American Geosciences Institute topical brochures

American Geosciences Institute: Why Geology?

International Year of the Planet

Plate Boundaries to Politics: Pursuing Passions in Science (Sharon Mosher, 2001 Geological Society of America Presidential Address)

General Earth sciences
Earth Magazine


James T. Fyles Natural Resources Library, Victoria, B.C.

MIT OpenCourseWare in the geosciences

British Geological Survey open geoscience

Science Daily News


Earth Sciences Tools and Applications



Geology of British Columbia
Summary of the geology of British Columbia


Pioneering geology in the Canadian Cordillera, BCGS Open File 1992-19



Plate tectonics and continental drift
This Dynamic Earth (United States Geological Survey)


UCLA Berkeley plate tectonics


Christopher Scotese Paleomap project



Learning about maps
Topographic maps: the basics (Geological Survey of Canada)


The Atlas of Canada


UTM/Latitude and Longitude conversion (Montana State University)


Introduction to geological maps by United States Geological Survey


Rocks and Minerals
British Columbia Geological Survey Information Circular 1987-5 by Eileen Van der Flier-Keller and William J. McMillan
Identification of Common Rocks and Minerals  (PDF, 2.2 Mb)


British Columbia Geological Survey, Rockhounding Booklet (PDF, 490 Kb) rock site


United States Geological Survey rocks and minerals site


American Gem Society, history of birthstones


Rock Collecting for beginners



The Burgess Shale Geoscience Foundation


Canadian Museum of Nature Dinosaur Sites


Royal B,C. Museum dinosaur exhibit


Royal Tyrrell Museum, Alberta


Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History dinosaur site


University of California Museum of Paleontology


US National Parks Service Junior Paleontologist Program



Mining in British Columbia

Provincial Overview of Exploration and Mining in British Columbia (2016-present)


Exploration and Mining in British Columbia (annual, 1970-2015)


Operating mines and mine development projects in British Columbia


BC mineral deposit profiles


BC mineral statistics


History Still Standing: A Guide to Historical Sites of the Boundary Country



Natural hazards
General sources

National Atlas of Canada Natural Hazards


Public Safety Canada


Get Prepared Canada


Emergency Management B.C.


Pacific Disaster Center


NASA Earth Observatory, Natural Hazards


National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA)
National Geophysical Data Center (NOAA)


United States Geological Survey


Global Disaster Alert and Coordination System


Centre for Research on the Epidemiology of Disasters (Université Catholique de Louvain, Brussels)


International Strategy for Disaster Reduction (UN)



Earthquakes Canada (Geological Survey of Canada)


Great ShakeOut Earthquake Drills


The Great British Columbia ShakeOut


Earthquakes in British Columbia


Cascadia Region Earthquake Workgroup (CREW)


Cascadia subduction zone earthquakes: a magnitude 9.0 earthquake scenario. Cascadia Region Earthquake Workgroup (Crew)


Pacific Northwest Seismic Network


Western States Seismic Policy Council 



Geological Survey of Canada


Tsunami research in Canada (Fisheries and Oceans Canada)


Tsunami preparedness, Emergency Management BC


Pacific Tsunami Warning Center


West Coast and Alaska Tsunami Warning Center


International Tsunami Information Center (UNESCO)


Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute


PBS Nova The Wave That Shook The World


NOAA Tsunami Basics video


NOAA Center for Tsunami Research


NOAA National Geophysical Data Center


NOAA Tsunami Know What To Do (video for children)


University of Washington


USGS Tsunamis and Earthquakes




How Volcanoes Work (Vic Camp, San Diego State University)


Volcano Hazards (United States Geological Survey)


NASA Earth Observing System


USGS Volcano Observatories (USGS)


USGS Cascades Volcano Observatory


Smithsonian Global Volcanism Program


Oregon State University Volcano World




Landslides in British Columbia


USGS Landslides Hazards Program



Snow avalanches
The Canadian Avalanche Centre


American Avalanche Association


US Forest Service Avalanche Center



Floods and water management
Emergency Management BC flooding information


British Columbia real time hydrographic data (Environment Canada)


Drought response planning in British Columbia (British Columbia Government Living Water Smart)


Water Survey of Canada (Environment Canada)



British Columbia field trip guidebooks, geoscience highway maps, Geoscapes

Westnedge, K., and Goodall, A., 2011. Salish Sea GeoTour: Geology on, under and around the Salish Sea of British Columbia. (Geological Survey of Canada)


Southern British Columbia: geological landscapes highway map. by R.J.W. Turner, R.G. Anderson, R. Franklin, M. Ceh, N. Hastings, and C.L. Wagner 2012. Geological Survey of Canada Popular Geoscience 98E and British Columbia Geological Survey GeoFile 2012-09.


Northern British Columbia: geological landscapes highway map by R.J.W. Turner, R. Franklin, M. Ceh, C. Evenchick, N. Hastings, N. Massey, and P. Wodjak. Geological Survey of Canada, Popular Geoscience 94E; British Columbia Geological Survey, Geofile 2007-1.


Geology of Strathcona Park BCGS Information Circular 1995-07


Dimension stone in Victoria BC - a city guide and walking tour. BCGS Information Circular 1994-15, by Z.D. Hora and L.B. Miller (pdf, 375 Kb)


Geoscape: Fort Fraser (Geological Survey of Canada)


Geoscape: Nanaimo (Geological Survey of Canada)


Geoscape: Vancouver (Geological Survey of Canada)


Geoscape: Victoria (Geological Survey of Canada)


GeoTour Guide for Kamloops, British Columbia by R.J.W. Turner, R.G. Anderson, R. Franklin, M. Cathro, B. Madu, C.Huscroft, E.Frey, and K. Favrholdt. BCGS GeoFile 2008-6 and Geological Survey of Canada Open File 5810


GeoTour Guide for the West Kootenay, British Columbia Geology, landscapes, mines, ghost towns, caves, and hot springs by R.J.W. Turner, R.G. Anderson, R. Franklin, L. Anderton, and F. Fowler. BCGS GeoFile 2009-6, and Geological Survey of Canada Open File 6135


Sea to Sky geological tour (Geological Survey of Canada)


Waterscape Gulf Islands (Geological Survey of Canada)


Waterscape Bowen Island (Geological Survey of Canada)


Waterscape Okanagan Basin (Geological Survey of Canada)


Geological Images
NASA Earth Observatory


NASA Visible Earth


Earth Science World Image Bank (American Geological Institute)


American Association of Petroleum Geologists Slide Vault



Find the tectonic fault: PBS Nova


United Nations International Strategy for Disaster Reduction “Stop Disaster!” videogames


GeoLogos : word puzzles with geological and mineral themes, BCGS Information Circular 2002- 2 by Nick Massey and Dorthe Jakobsen


Earth Learning Ideas (International Year of the Planet)


Oregon State University Volcano games



Geoscience agencies and groups
British Columbia


Committee of Provincial and Territorial Geologists


Download "Mineral programs of Canadian provincial and territorial geological surveys" (PDF, 27 MB)


Canadian Federation of Earth Sciences


Canadian Geological Foundation


Geological Association of Canada Pacific Section

General interest books about British Columbia geology
Cannings, S., Nelson, J, and Cannings, R., 2011. Geology of British Columbia, A Journey through Time (new edition). Greystone Books, Vancouver, 154p.


Clague, John J., Turner, R., and Clague, J.J., 2003. Vancouver, city on the edge: living with a dynamic geological landscape. Gordon Soules Book Publishers, Vancouver, 191p.


Hudson, R., 2006. A field guide to gold, gemstone and mineral sites of British Columbia vol. 2 (revised edition). Harbour Publishing, Madeira Park, British Columbia, 368 p.


Hudson, R., 2008. A field guide to gold, gemstone and minerals of British Columbia. Volume 1, Vancouver Island. Harbour Publishing, Madeira Park, British Columbia, 214p.


Ludvigsen, R., and Beard, G., 1998. West Coast fossils: A guide to the ancient life of Vancouver Island. Harbour Publishing, Madeira Park, British Columbia, 216p.


Matthews, B., and Monger, J., 2005. Roadside geology of southern British Columbia. Mountain Press Publishing, Missoula, 403p.


Van der Flier-Keller, Eileen, 2006. A field guide to the identification of pebbles, Harbour Publishing, Madeira Park, British Columbia.
Van der Flier-Keller, Eileen, 1998. South Vancouver Island Earth science fun guide. Bare Bones Publishing, Calgary, 135p.


Yorath, C.J. 2005. The Geology of Southern Vancouver Island (revised edition) Harbour Publishing, Madeira Park, British Columbia, 205p.