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Ministry of Energy Mines and Responsible for Core Review

COALFILE Reports and Coal Data

COALFILE is a collection of Coal Assessment Reports and data from exploration and development properties across B.C. The information contained in COALFILE is stored as a relational database and includes spatial data for boreholes, bulk samples, trenches, and lithological and geophysical logs. All of the coal assessment reports are available in PDF format with additional digital data downloads where available (borehole geophysics, borehole collar information, LiDAR).






The online COALFILE Search application is updated periodically as new reports become available. Searches include COALFILE Number, Report Year, Coal Field and NTS Map.  Results include links to Coal Assessment Reports, Boreholes, Bulk Samples, Trenches, MINFILE, MapPlace, and KML files for use in Google Earth. 

Coal Assessment Reports Collections: Report collections have been tabulated for: the Peace River area NE BC, the Crowsnest area, the Hat Creek area, and the Telkwa area.

Available Data

  • COALFILE MS Access Table (September 11, 2018), including data on 1010 reports, 15654 boreholes, 546 bulk samples, 3645 trenches, and 5313 maps are available for download: 
               COALFILE2018.ZIP (1.8MB).  COALFILE metadata is also available.
  • GeoFile 2010-11: Table of British Columbia Coal Resources.  A table of approximately 100 of British Columbia’s published coal resource estimates, publicly available as of early 2010.
  • Early COALFILE tables (pre 1992) are available as a set of relational dBase files.  The files are Bulk (bulk sample information including location, report number, license number and seam name); Comment (comments on reports); Explore (exploration data including operator, owner and status); Map (map information including area, scales and type); Trench (trench data including method, samples and location); and Borehole (borehole data including identification, drill type, location, elevation, log type, contractor, depth, direction and dip).

Other Applications 

  • Coal on MapPlace:  Features coal geology layers, data from COALFILE, and links to coal assessment reports in PDF format.
  • Mineral Titles Online (MTO): As of July 2013, Coal application and tenure data is viewable and searchable online using the Mineral Titles Online (MTO) application. Clients wishing to view the mapping or search coal tenure must now use MTO.  Coal tenure data is updated on a nightly basis.