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British Columbia Digital Geology 


Current version data release note


View Open File 2017-8 (PDF 6.2 MB)


British Columbia Digital Geology is the is the data source used to create the digital Geological Map of British Columbia.  The latest release is based on a framework data model, which consists of attributed geological contacts and faults as linework, and outcrops or centroids as points attributed with bedrock information.  It also contains: tables for geological units and colours; ESRI layer files containing bedrock colour symbols; and a map of British Columbia illustrating the suggested colour theme for the bedrock polygons.

British Columbia Digital Geology provides province-wide coverage of bedrock geology, consisting of integrated geological maps. The British Columbia Geological Survey releases updates as new data are integrated into the corporate database. Data within the current BC Digital Geology may include information that has not yet been released as GeoFile, OpenFile or Geoscience maps.


The data package includes a lookup table for geological units and colours (RGB); a number of ESRI layer files with the recommended bedrock colour symbols, compatible to various versions of ArcGIS (designated by suffix_a##_# in file names); and a map of British Columbia illustrating the suggested colour theme for bedrock polygons.


Download shapefile in Geographic (ZIP, 50 MB)

Download shapefile in BC Albers (ZIP, 35 MB)


Download lookup table for geological units and RGB colours (CSV, 0.4 MB)


Download map of British Columbia illustrating the suggested colour theme for the bedrock polygons (PDF, 7.5 MB)


BC Digital Geology is viewable on MapPlace

BC Geological Map at 1:2 million, best suited for printing as a single sheet, available for download (Geoscience Map 2009-1A)


For more information contact:  Yao Cui at Email or (250) 952-0440.




BCGeologyMap was updated from original digital regional compilations that were made in 1992-96 in support of the Mineral Potential Project.  These compilations involved many B.C. Geological Survey geologists and contractors including Dani Alldrick, Chris Ash, Kim Bellefontaine, Jim Britton, Derek Brown, Neil Church, John Cunningham, Pat Desjardins, Larry Diakow, Kathryn Dunne, Bob Gaba, G. Gibson, Keith Glover, Brian Grant, Trygve Höy, Andrew Legun, Jim Logan, Nick Massey, Don MacIntyre, Mitch Mihalynuk, JoAnne Nelson, Andre Panteleyev, Gerry Ray, and Paul Schiarizza.

Invaluable contributions to BCGeologyMap were also made by Carol Evenchik, Jim Haggart, Murray Journeay, Andy Okulitch, Michael J. Orchard, Terry P. Poulton, Bert Struik, Howard W. Tipper, Edward Tim Tozer, and John Wheeler of the Geological Survey of Canada.


Previous Releases of British Columbia Digital Geology


OpenFile 2013-4


Open File 2013-4 British Columbia Digital Geology


BC Digital Geology 2010 with QUEST Update


Download Shapefile in BC Albers(ZIP, 20.9 MB)

Download Shapefile in Geographic(ZIP, 27.7 MB)


This data release incorporated the QUEST area map compilation into the 2005 edition of the BC Digital Geology (GeoFile 2005-1). The QUEST digital files are from Geoscience Map 2010-1, Bedrock Geology of the QUEST map area, central British Columbia (also Geoscience BC Report 2010-5, Geological Survey of Canada Open File 6476). The QUEST map compilation is the interpretive result of previous bedrock geology, new mapping, surficial geology, and geophysical and geochemical results.


Geoscience Map 2009-1A


Geoscience Map 2009-1A BC Geological Map at 1:2 million, best suited for printing as a single sheet, available for download.


Geofile 2005-1, Geofiles 2005-2 to 2005-10


Geofile 2005-1, Geofiles 2005-2 to 2005-10 Digital regional compilations of the geology of B.C. at 1:250 000 scale were made by staff of the BC Geological Survey (BCGS) in 1992-1996 in support of the Mineral Potential Project. These were released as OpenFiles and digital downloads from the BCGS website.


Release of the recompilation is based on the same tiles as the Cordilleran GIS Map Library (Journeay and Williams, 1995) which conforms to the International Map of the World standard used for indexing 1:1,000,000 scale topographic maps. This differs from the numbering convention used for the National Topographic System maps. Preliminary versions of the tiled data were released in 2003, with updates in 2004. This new province-wide version, and associated tiled data, supersede the earlier files.


Digital Geology 1999


Digital Geology 1999, from Mineral Resource Assessment Data Downloads


All printed publications of the BC Geological Survey are available digitally, free of charge, from this website.

For questions or more information on geology and minerals in British Columbia contact BCGS Mailboxor call toll free (B.C. residents only).