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Ministry of Energy Mines and Responsible for Core Review

GM2002-3 - BC Geological Survey Mapping Project


Geoscience Map 2002-3: Geology of the Beece Creek-Niut Mountain Area, British Columbia
(NTS 092N/8,9,10; 092O/5,6,12)

Geology by:  P. Schiarizza, J. Riddell, R.G. Gaba, D.M. Melville, P.J. Umhoefer, M.J. Robinson, B.K. Jennings and D. Hick

Macrofossil Identifications: J.W. Haggart, T.P. Poulton and H.W. Tipper;
Conodont Identifications: M.J. Orchard;
Radiolarian identification: F. Cordey;
Plant fossil identifications: E. McIver;
Isotopic Dating: R.M. Friedman, D.A. Archibald, J. Gabites and J. Mortensen

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