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Ministry of Energy Mines and Responsible for Core Review

Build Assessment Report Maps


The ARIS MapBuilder can be used to quickly produce maps to partially fulfill assessment reporting requirements.  This map can also be used to create basic maps for the Mineral and Coal Exploration Notice of Work Application.  


Note:  To use the ARIS MapBuilder, you must download the Download Autodesk MapGuide ActiveX Control for Internet Explorer (ZIP, 2.9 MB).  Please note that ARIS MapBuilder will not work with Internet Explorer 10, see MapPlace FAQ 2 for a workaround.   If your property is not displaying on the map, see MapPlace FAQ 49 for a possible fix.


Enter your property name and all associated Tenure ID Numbers (separated by commas) in the form below and submit to produce location and claim maps of your property. A Tenure Report button creates a list of tenures on the property with links to details in Mineral Titles Online. The resultant index map of the property, the claim map (sample) and a list of all the claims can then be included in an assessment report. The site also creates a Keyhole Markup Language (KML) file to show claims in viewers such as Google Earth (GE).



Note: ARIS MapBuilder will not work with IE10.  See MapPlace FAQ for more information.


Hint: The KML file will have coordinates of the MTO claim boundaries.  In GE, right-click the layer and save as a KML file. Open the KML file in Notepad; the coordinates start in the southwest corner, proceed counter clockwise and include the MTO Grid points along the claim boundary.

Hint: The form can only handle about 40 tenures. Addition tenures can be highlighted with the Select Map Objects and View Buffers tools. Select additional tenures with Ctrl select and use buffers at 1m.  The Exploration Assistant also offers the ability to highlight tenures with the Tenure Owner ID tool.

Note: MTO tenures (numbers 500000 and above) may mask older tenures and Crown grants, which may still be valid.  Thus MTO tenure outlines may have to be adjusted to exclude these areas. The MapBuilder Map can be used to custom annotate claim boundaries.

Caution: This application may not work in Netscape or Firefox; use Internet Explorer.