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Ministry of Energy Mines and Responsible for Core Review

ARIS MapBuilder Help


Click here to go to How to Show Claim Boundaries on Google Earth from ARIS Map Builder


Step 1: The Data Entry Form

Enter the name of your property.

Enter all Tenure ID Numbers for your property. Separate the ID numbers by commas.

Press the button.


Step 2: The Location Map

The map opens and displays your property's location.

Clicking Claim Map will zoom in to your property.

Clicking Print will print your Location Map. PDF Sample


Step 3: The Claim Map

The map zooms in to show your property.

Clicking Location Map will zoom out to the Location Map.

Clicking Print will print your Claim Map. PDF Sample


Step 4: The Tenure Report

Clicking Tenure Report will open a new window with a report of all tenures in your property.

The Tenure Report provides links to MTO


Step 5: View your claims in Google Earth

Clicking Google Earth will download a Google Earth KML file.

You must have Google Earth installed on your computer to view KML files.