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Ministry of Energy Mines and Responsible for Core Review

Regional Lake Sediment and Water Geochemistry of Part of the Fort Fraser Map Area
(NTS 93K/9,10,15,16)

BCMEMPR Open File 1996-15

GSC Open File 3305


by S.J. Cook, W. Jackaman, M.W. McCurdy, S.J. Day and P.W. Fiske


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Open File 1996-15 presents new analytical results for 37 metals, at 413 sample sites, from a regional lake sediment and water geochemistry survey conducted over the northeast part of the Fort Fraser map area (NTS 93K) in 1995. The Pinchi Lake survey, covers four 1:50 000 map areas: 93K/9 (Pinchi Lake), 93K/10 (Stuart Lake), 93K/15 (Inzana Lake) and 93K/16 (Tezzeron Creek), in an area north of Fort St. James where exploration has been hindered by extensive drift cover, poor exposure and an insufficient geological database. Ice flow in the area was dominantly from west to east, with significant local deflections.


Lake sediments and waters were obtained from 413 sites, at an average density of 1 site per 9.1 square kilometres, using a float-equipped Bell 206 helicopter and a Hornbrook-type sampler. Sediments were pulverized in a ceramic ring mill and will be analyzed for standard RGS (Regional Geochemical Survey) and NGR (National Geochemical Reconnaissance) AAS and INAA analytical suites. Waters were analyzed for the standard analytical suite of pH, uranium, fluoride and sulphate. Additional lake water samples were collected at every second site for ICP-MS analysis of trace and major elements. This expanded water survey, a first for RGS lake sediment surveys in British Columbia, includes data from 217 sites.


The area straddles the southeast trending Pinchi fault zone, the boundary between the Quesnel and Cache Creek Terranes. New exploration targets for precious and base metals are identified. The report provides listings of field and analytical data, summary statistics, metal distribution maps, and sample location maps.


The Pinchi Lake Survey, conducted jointly by the British Columbia Geological Survey and the Geological Survey of Canada under the Canada-British Columbia Mineral Development Agreement,  The survey is also available as GSC Open File 3305.


Pinchi Lake Map


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