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Ministry of Energy Mines and Responsible for Core Review



Indices for BC Geological Survey publications are available digitally, free of charge, from this website.  When ordering hard copies, please quote the stock number indicated in brackets, P indicates soft cover and H indicates hard cover.  For further information on hard copies see


A publication with the letters OP as its stock code is out of print. Out of print publications are available at various libraries, such as the James T. Fyles Library at 1810 Blanshard Street in Victoria, B.C.

Title/Author/Date/Details Pages / File Size Stock Code Price
Index to Annual Reports of the Minister of Mines of the Province of British Columbia for the years 1874 to 1936 (PDF 36.6MB), compiled by H.T. Nation, 1937 510 pages / 37.6MB OP

Index to Annual Reports of the Minister of Mines 1937 to 1943 and Bulletins Nos. 1 to 17, compiled by H.T. Nation, 1944 (See Index No. 3)

  2104H 10.85

Index No. 3 to publications of the British Columbia Department of Mines (PDF 6.6MB) (Annual Reports of the Minister of Mines, 1937-1953, and Bulletins Nos. 1 to 35), 1955 (Map)

227 pages / 19.0MB 2105P 5.40

Index No. 4 to publications of the British Columbia Department of Mines and Petroleum Resources (PDF 6.6MB)(Annual Reports of the Minister of Mines and Petroleum Resources, 1954 to 1964, and Bulletins Nos. 36 to 51, 1966

145 pages / 12.4MB 2106P, 2106H 5.40, 10.85
Index No. 5 Numerical list of geological geophysical and geochemical reports accepted for assessment 1947-1970, 1971   OP
Index to Bedrock Geological Mapping, 1983   OP
Information Circular 1991-7 NTS Location & Author Index to BC Geological Survey, by B. Grant  (superceded by Open File 1998-11)   OP
Information Circular 1996-10 - Reports, Maps and Geoscience Databases, by D. Fehr. A catalogue of all publications of the BC Geological Survey (superceded by this web catalogue)   OP

Open File 1998-11 - Digital Bibliographic Index of BC Geological Survey Publications 

Free Downloadable Digital File & Information

The MapPlace - BC Geology Map Index & CGKN Metadata Catalogue     Free


For questions or more information on geology and minerals in British Columbia contact BCGS Mailbox or use the toll free number (BC Residents only).