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Ministry of Energy Mines and Responsible for Core Review


2002 Achievements - Geoscience Partnership Program



These partnerships have included studies on some of the more prospective areas in BC and have made significant contributions to understanding the geology and mineral resources of the Canadian Cordillera.  Partnerships fall into two categories - Public/Public Partnerships and Public/Private Partnerships.  


In 2002, the BC Geological Survey successfully entered into several partnership agreements with both the public and private sectors.



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Partnership Name GSB Contact Partner Name Location by NTS Objective Deliverables
Kena Gold J. Logan Sultan Minerals 082F/06 Deposit Study Fieldwork Article
Iron Mask Batholith J. Logan Abacus Minerals 092I/09
Field Mapping and Deposit Study 1:50 000 Map
Lorraine G. Nixon Eastfield 093N/14 Field Mapping and Deposit Study 1:10 000 Map and Fieldwork Article
Axelgold J. Nelson Rubicon 082F/06 Deposit Study Fieldwork Article
Cariboo/Barkerville P. Schiarizza Intl. Wayside Gold  093A, H Regional Mapping 1:10 000 Map and Fieldwork Article
Hawk J. Nelson Redcorp 094C Deposit Study Fieldwork Article
Thorn M. Mihalynuk First Au Strategies (now Cangold) and Rimfire 104K Deposit Study Fieldwork Article
Atlin M. Mihalynuk Geological Survey of Canada (GSC) 104N Regional Mapping 1:50 000 Maps and Fieldwork Articles
Bella Coola L. Diakow (GSC) 093D Regional Mapping 1:10 000 Maps and Fieldwork Article
Fort Fraser R. Lett GSC 093K RGS Sampling Release RGS Data in 2003
Golden Eagle M. Mihalynuk Marksmen 104M/05 Deposit Study Fieldwork Article
Tsacha, Tam, Taken (3Ts) L. Diakow Southern Rio Resources (now Silver Quest Resources Ltd.) 093F/03 Deposit Study  
*National Landslide Database V. Levson,
B. King
(GSC) BC Landslide Database Landslide Database
Aggregates/Hazards V. Levson JEPP & Richmond 092G/02, 03, 06, 07 Hazards Maps and Reports Hazards Maps and Reports
*Assessment Report Scanning A. Wilcox Intl. Wayside Gold 093A, H Digital Reports PDF Files on Website

* not on map





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