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Ministry of Energy Mines and Responsible for Core Review

Appendix I: MINFILE/pc HelpDesk and Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.) 

Welcome to the MINFILE/pc HelpDesk and Frequently Asked Questions site! This site lists some of the most common questions, problems, and solutions for MINFILE/pc. The 'Look In' comment links to the appropriate section or additional information in the MINFILE/pc User's Manual. If you can't find what you're looking for, please contact the MINFILE staff. Attempts will be made to update this site periodically.


Common Problems and Solutions

The site is organized according to problem area. Click on one of the choices below to view related problems and solutions.


Software Downloads






Data Entry


Printing and Reports 






A. Software Downloads

Problem: How do I install MINFILE/pc in Windows 95, 98 or Windows 2000?
Solution: Download it from our website at 
Look In: Your Windows 95 manual or Help system; Chapter I, Section B3: Installing MINFILE/pc or Appendix J: The MINFILE/pc Readme.doc File


Problem : I don't have enough memory to install MINFILE.
Solution: Try to close other programs and remove TSRs to free memory.
Look In:

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B. Searches

Problem: How do I create a custom set of data to extract or report on that cannot be created by a search.
Solution: Use a text editor to create a .TXT file with a list of the occurrences you would like; then import the file via the Import Numbers Tab and run a search. Make sure that the syntax for MINFILE numbers is correct. (e.g. 094E 004 with 2 spaces between 094E and 004).

Problem: Where do I find the codes for the search.
Solution: These may be viewed in the Appendices to both the Coding Manual and this User Manual on the MINFILE website. 
Look In: Appendices A1: Mining Division Codes, A2: Tectonic Belt Codes, A3: Terrane Codes, A4: Physiographic Area Codes, A5: Region Table, A6: Electoral District Code Table; A7: Forest District Code Table; B: MINFILE Commodity Codes, C: MINFILE Mineral, Rock and Modifier Codes, D: Stratigraphic Age Codes. E: Mineral Deposit Profiles, F: Bibliographic Codes

Problem: My longitude/latitude does not work.
Solution: The left column should have the northwest corner and the right column should have the southeast corner of the search area.

Look In: Chapter II, Section G: General Comments on Searches in MINFILE and Chapter III: Searching the MINFILE Database.

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C. Utilities

Problem: How do I get a file that I can use for plotting.
Solution:  Create your subset through the search menu; from the Search Results Report you can download several types of files in digital format.

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D. Data Entry

Problem: How do I get access to the MINFILE Coding Card for data entry/coding?
Solution: Contact the MINFILE Team to obtain free access.  You must also apply for a free Basic or Business BCeID.

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E. Printing and Reports

Problem: This message shows up: "Printer unavailable".
Solution: The printer may not be turned on.  Check printer connections.

Problem: How do I generate a report on a random selection of occurrences.
Solution: Do a search, then print the report.

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F. Miscellaneous


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G: Contact

If the above problems and solutions have not helped you, or if you need more information, please contact any member of the MINFILE Project:

MINFILE Contacts