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Ministry of Energy Mines and Responsible for Core Review
MapPlace Updates from January to December 2004

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Date Comment Link
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December 31, 2004 Updated Mineral Titles and MINFILE layers. All maps
December 23, 2004 Updated the Mineral Properties page to to update properties by Jan. 11, 2005 for Roundup release. Mineral Properties Available
December 16, 2004 Repaired Aquifers with labels (<100,000). Repaired report and removed link to Aquifer maps. All maps
December 16, 2004 Added Orthophoto Mosaics to General and Main maps. General Map
Main maps
December 15, 2004 Updated Mineral Titles layer. All maps
December 9, 2004 Updated Mineral Titles layer.  There are 650 additional tenures since last update November 15, 2004. All maps
December 8, 2004 Added Gold Commissioner Offices layers with links to Government Agent pages. Mineral Titles Map
November 29, 2004 Added link to MTO Browser at Mineral Titles Map
November 29, 2004 Added links to Victoria Harbours Atlas: and source for Topographic Geotiff Maps. Links Page
November 23, 2004 Added Geophysical Surveys table with links to publications of over 17 surveys in BC. Geophysical Surveys
November 23, 2004 Added instructions to eliminate white lines in DEM images when printing from Corel 12. FAQ #33
November 22, 2004 Added MapPlace Articles to Online Help, including Autodesk MapPlace Success Story. Online Help & Documents
November 22, 2004 Added link to CutePDF Writer - create PDF documents on the fly for Free. PDF Help
November 17, 2004 Added Landsat 7 circa 2000 imagery from NASA to UTM maps. Features 15 meter resolution (improved from 30m resolution in 1990 product). UTM Projected Maps
November 15, 2004 Updated Mineral Titles layer. All maps
November 15, 2004 Autodesk publishes MapPlace Success Story: "Autodesk MapGuide Drives Exploration and Blends GIS Data from Separate Systems" at  Autodesk Customer Stories and at Pacific Alliance Technologies. Online Help & Documents
October 25, 2004 Updated MS Access table of the GSB CGKN Metadata Catalogue for download: BC Geology Map Index
October 19, 2004 Added link to NRCan’s Legal Survey’s Division which maintains the Canada Lands Survey System.  Provided brief instructions in FAQ #23 to view Reference Plans for Indian Reserves. Links
FAQ #23
October 19, 2004 Updated BCAge Geochron Database 2004A-1 (Release 3, October 2004) and report on Main Maps. Main Maps
October 18, 2004 Added BCAge Geochron Database 2004A-1 (Release 3, October 2004) to Summary and Download pages. Summary Datasets
Geospatial Data Downloads
October 14, 2004 Created a page to link to BC UTM Zone maps. The UTM Zone maps also link to the other zone maps through the right-click-popup menu. UTM Projected Maps
October 12, 2004 Updated Mineral Titles layer. All maps
October 6, 2004 Added revised BC Age data to BCGS map and 2004A-1 (Release 3, October 2004) download to Open File 2004-3. See ReadMe Document for changes. BCGS Geology Map
October 5, 2004 Updated MINFILE data. All maps
September 30, 2004 Added PNG Peace River Grid. Petroleum Map
September 30, 2004 Added New Mineral Properties (after September 2004) layer to highlight new entries. The layer is also attached to the Properties for Option report. Mineral Properties Available
September 28, 2004 Added MINFILE by individual status; added new Mineral Tenure Online grid.  Updated main maps to MapGuide 6.5 from 6.3. Main Maps
September 27, 2004 Added Search Hints for CGKN Metadata Catalogue and GeoConnections Discovery Portal. BC Geology Map Index
September 22, 2004 Added Multisensor Geophysical Surveys group with footprint layers to BCGS Geology, Exploration Assistant and Mineral Titles maps.  The footprints are linked to more details on the surveys. Main Maps
September 16, 2004 Added MS Access table of the GSB CGKN Metadata Catalogue for download: BC Geology Map Index
September 14, 2004 Added Updated BCGS Geology 2004 group, including Queen Charlotte Islands. Updated layers include Ocean for Updated Geology, Quaternary Geology, Faults with geology contacts, Bedrock Geology with map unit labels, Basins, and Terrranes. BCGS Geology Map
September 10, 2004 free PDF printer driver and Postscript to PDF converter, link added to FAQ #22. FAQ #22
September 9, 2004 Added Geoscience Map and Paper footprints to Geology Index Map.  Popup Menu also features link to Publications Search. BC Geology Map Index
Publications Search Map
September 9, 2004 Updated Petroleum Tenure. Petroleum Map
September 3, 2004 Added Publications Search to Exploration Assistant. The BC Geology Map Index opens with Title and Author searches of Open Files and Bulletins. Exploration Assistant
Publications Search Map
September 3, 2004 Updated Mineral Titles layer.  Added BC Claims by Owner, as of April 2004, to Mineral Titles Archive group in Mineral Titles map; visible at 500K scale. All maps
Mineral Titles Map
September 2, 2004 Published Digital Map of British Columbia: Tile NN8/9 Queen Charlotte Islands - Haida Gwaii, Geofile 2004-12. BC Digital Geology Maps
August 11, 2004 Registered BCGS Publications CGKN Metadata Catalogue with Land Information Discovery Service. BC Geology Map Index
August 10, 2004 Updated Mineral Titles layer. All maps
August 4, 2004 Added MS Access Table of Mineral Properties Available (May 18, 2004). Mineral Properties Available
August 4, 2004 Added link to Canadian Mining Events from 1604 to 1943 and Historical Mineral Production Tables of BC (7 MB PDF), from the Annual Report of the Mineral Production of Canada, 1942. Mineral Activity More Details
August 3, 2004 Updated Historic Mines of British Columbia home page with links to: Excel Table of Historic Mines (471 KB); View Historic Mines on Mineral Economy Map; British Columbia Historic Mines Atlas (Community Mapping Network). Historic Mines of BC
July 29, 2004 Added Open File and Bulletin footprints, with report and link to on-line publication, to BC Geology Map Index. BC Geology Map Index
July 27, 2004 Published updated BCGS Publications CGKN Metadata Catalogue, available at  Registered Catalogue with GeoConnections Discovery Portal. BC Geology Map Index
July 27, 2004 Added PNG Report Locations and Footprints to the Petroleum Map.  See More Details... for instructions. Petroleum Map
July 23, 2004 Updated Mineral Titles layer. Repaired Claim Anniversary Date search in Exploration Assistant. All maps
July 22, 2004 Added North Coast Aggregate Study data to Aggregate Potential Map. Aggregate Potential Map
July 21, 2004 Replaced location link to in MINFILE/www Searches with MINFMAP, with MINFILE, 1:250 water and geology layers defaulted on.  This change is also reflected in MapPlace links from MINFILE NTS Summary pages. MINFILE/www Searches
July 19, 2004 Updated maps to install MapGuide 6.5 on client computers; required for Geochemistry Symbol Resizing. All maps
July 19, 2004 Added July 2004 BC Age data to BCGS map and July 2004 revised download to Open File 2004-3. BCGS Geology Map
July 16, 2004 Added new Geochemistry Symbol Resizing to Exploration Assistant; see More Details... for instructions. Exploration Assistant
July 16, 2004 Added new July 2004 Parks layer. Main Maps
July 15, 2004 Added 48 new Landsat images (L21 – L68), covering most of BC, to Image Analysis Toolbox. Exploration Assistant
July 14, 2004 Posted Mineral Properties Available maps, reports and submission form. Mineral Properties Available
July 13, 2004 Added Development Regions layer with links to Community & Regional Profiles, Investment BC.  Main Maps
Mineral Activity Maps
July 12, 2004 Updated Online Publications Catalogue with missing PDF publications: Exploration and Mining in BC (35 publications)Geoscience Maps (10); Open Files (79); Preliminary Maps (2); Information Circulars (7). Publications Catalogue
July 6, 2004 Updated Mineral Titles layer.  All maps
July 6, 2004 Added Pacific Estuary Conservation Program (PECP) layer to Offshore Map. This layer has about 400 of the most important estuaries on the coast. A report is attached to each estuary: select either the estuary point (for small scales) or a polygon (visible below 1:500,000 scale) map. Offshore Oil & Gas Map
PECP Metadata (PDF)
PECP Specifications (PDF)
July 4, 2004 Updated Petroleum Tenure. Petroleum Map
June 30, 2004 Added Landsat 7 Footprints (years 1999-2002) to Exploration Assistant map. Exploration Assistant
June 24, 2004 Add Various formats of MINFILE to FAQs #30. FAQ
June 22, 2004 Removed the tenure estimation option from the grid control. It is only valid for maps projected in NAD 27.  Added MapperWrapperManual.pdf to MapperWrapper
June 21, 2004 Posted 81 Coal Assessment Reports: Graham Is, Merritt, Suquash, Bowron, Tuya areas. Coal Map
June 21, 2004 Updated Mineral Titles layer.  Includes over 1200 new tenures since May 12, 2004. All maps
June 16, 2004 Removed Mineral Resource Assessment Level 2 Data Downloads and MRA2 Layers from MapPlace pending review of data. Geospatial Downloads
All maps
June 16, 2004 Added Landslide Risk Case Studies in Forest Development Planning and Operations Handbook link. Terrain Site Links
June 11, 2004 Added Elevation Points and Labels to General BC Map. General BC Map
June 11, 2004 Added a Mineral Titles Archive group with March 2000 and May 2001 data to the Mineral Titles Map. Mineral Titles Details
June 9, 2004 Updated MapperWrapper with on-line basemaps, new Unplugger, download, and Manual. MapperWrapper
June 8, 2004 Added link to Land Information BC, a single window to land and resource information products.  It includes the Land & Resource Data Warehouse (LRDW) Catalogue. Links
June 8, 2004 Added link to SEDAR: Securities documents indexed by Public Companies. Industry Websites
June 3, 2004 Posted Falconbridge File index updated March 2004. Property File
June 2, 2004 Added How do I get access to current national First Nation community profiles as FAQ #23. FAQ
May 28, 2004 MapPlace server updated to MapGuide 6.5; Image Analysis Toolbox now operational. All maps
May 18, 2004 The Mineral Properties Available in BC Map was released by the Chamber. BC & Yukon Chamber of Mines
May 14, 2004 2000 Prospectors Reports (52 scanned reports) posted to Prospectors Reports Page on Property File page. Property File
May 13, 2004 Added Mineral Resource Assessment Level 2 Data Downloads with Readme file and GeoFile 2004-8:  Level 2 Mineral Resource Assessment Coastal British Columbia.  Updated Mineral Potential pages. Geospatial Downloads
GeoFiles Catalogue
May 13, 2004 Added Procedure for MapGuide Copy & Paste to Scale as FAQ #29. Modified FAQ #8 with Zoom Goto instructions on use of the wild card %, can be used to search for secondary or alias names in the MINFILE Name search; e.g. %franklin. FAQ
May 12, 2004 Updated Mineral Titleslayer. All maps
May 12, 2004 Scanned Assessment Reports posted for 1962 (64), 1963 (64), 1998 April (29), May (45), June (39), July (53) and August (40).  Scanned reports now include numbers 1 to 539 from 1947 to 1963 and all reports from April 1998. Assessment Reports Online
May 11, 2004 Removed Mineral Properties Available in British Columbia Submission Form. Mineral Properties Available
May 6, 2004 Added GSC Geology Faults to BCGS Geology Map. BCGS Geology Map
May 4, 2004 Added Publication Links table to Geology Map Index More Details. BC Geology Map Index
May 4, 2004 Added Metadata Page for Maps and Data Themes.  Added Metadata links on More Details pages of Main Maps. MapPlace Metadata
May 3, 2004 Revised versions of preliminary Digital Geology tiles: NM 9, 10, 11, NN 9, 10, 11, NO 8, 9, 10 available for download. Digital Geology
May 3, 2004 Updated Coal Assessment Report table with Similkameen and More Hat Creek BC Hydro reports. Coal Map
May 3, 2004 Added Coastline for Updated Geology layer to view coastline while the updated geology is active. BCGS Geology Map
April 29, 2004 Added Construction Aggregate Operations layer and report to Mining Economy and Aggregate maps. Mineral Activity Maps
Aggregate Potential Map
April 28, 2004 Updated Mineral Titles layer. All maps
April 22, 2004 Added updated COALFILE MS Access Table, including data on 828 reports, 9898 boreholes, 466 bulk samples, 3341 trenches, 889 maps, and links to MINFILE, for download: COALFILE2004.ZIP (1.2 Mb). COALFILE Downloads
April 16, 2004 Added Mineral Properties Available in British Columbia Submission Form. Mineral Properties Available
April 16, 2004 Added Community Dependency for Mining (%) and Communities with Registered Free Miners layers to Mining Economy map. Mineral Activity Maps
April 8, 2004 Added labels to UTM zones. Main Maps
April 6, 2004 Added updated Digital Geology layers and reports to BCGS Layer group.  The updated geology does not include the Queen Charlotte Islands. BCGS Geology Map
April 3-5, 2004 MapPlace server was down; now operational except Image Analysis Toolbox, which became operational later. All maps
March 29, 2004 Added Open File 2004-4 Toodoggone Geology Layer and Legend report to Toodoggone Geophysics Map. Toodoggone Geophysics Map
March 26, 2004 Added MultiSensor Geophysical Survey Data and Downloads:  Toodoggone OF 2004-8, Horsefly OF 2004-9, Imperial Metals Corp. Mount Polley OF 2004-10. Quesnel Geophysics Map
Toodoggone Geophysics Map
March 25, 2004 Updated Mineral Titles layer. All maps
March 22, 2004 Added Image Analysis Toolbox page. Exploration Assistant
March 22, 2004 Added link to download Geology Legend - by age and rock class, to Pop-Up menu. BCGS Geology Map
March 17, 2004 Updated Forest Regions and Districts with URL links to Regions and Districts websites. Main Maps
March 16, 2004 Download Geophysical Survey Data (7.47MB PGW & PNG Files, BC Albers DD) for the Quesnel area. Quesnel Geophysics Map
March 10, 2004 Created Metadata Pages for the BCGS, Offshore, Mineral Titles, Petroleum, and Exploration Assistant maps. Main Maps
March 9, 2004 Added Aeromagnetics to the UTM projected maps (#27 to #31 in Complete Table of Maps).  This layer includes a General Terms and Conditions note when first used. Complete Table of Maps
March 8, 2004 Added well symbols for the PNG Wells NE, SW and SE layers.  Added reports to SW Wells with links to detailed Well reports. Petroleum Map
March 3, 2004 Double-click the Footprint of the Bowser Basin to zoom to the detailed geology of the Northern Bowser Basin in the Petroleum Map. (Only works in Internet Explorer). Select the rock units for a detailed legend report for Bowser Basin Geology. Petroleum Map
Feb. 27, 2004 Updated COALFILE layers (borehole, trench, bulk).  Add 18 Sage Creek & Cabin Creek reports. Coal Map
Feb. 26, 2004 Updated Mineral Titles layer. All maps
Feb. 24, 2004 Added the Bowser Basin Geology to Petroleum map. Petroleum Map
Feb. 23, 2004 Added regional aeromagnetics to Quesnel Trough Geophysics Map. Quesnel Geophysics Map
Feb. 17, 2004 Updated Climate Stations,  Hydrometric Stations, and Water Quality with links to ClimHydro database, Environment Canada. Main Maps
Offshore Oil & Gas Map
Feb. 12, 2004 Added a report to display the Geographic Location of a point on the map. Open the map, click the Report icon. In the View Report dialog box, select the Capture Location report, and then pick a point that lies within the Map window. The report displays the latitude and longitude (in decimal or degrees, minutes, seconds) of the point you just selected. Main Maps
Feb. 11, 2004 Published new Hat Creek Geology Map (Petroleum OF 2003-2). Selected Theme Maps
Feb. 10, 2004 Added reports and downloads to BC Age 2004 layer in BCGS Geology Map. BCGS Geology Map
Feb. 6, 2004 Added the MineMatch Anomaly Clusters to Exploration Assistant map; the layer is available in the Regional Geochem Layer Group.  The clusters are URL linked to the best match (double click cluster), linked to a report (select and report) and shaded so the regular RGS shows through.  SHP file download is available at Exploration Assistant
Jan. 28, 2004 Added Vitrinite Reflectance for Nechako and Bowser basins in the Petroleum map. Petroleum Map
Jan. 26, 2004 Geological Fieldwork articles on MapPlace Client-Mapping Tools (PDF 149Kb) and Image Analysis Toolbox and Enhanced Satellite Imagery Integrated into The Mapplace (PDF 5.7Mb) Fieldwork 2003
Jan. 26, 2004 Added new "MapperWrapper", allows users to create layers and add map objects, such as lines, polygons, symbols, text and custom grids; results can be saved in a map. MapperWrapper
Jan. 26, 2004 Added new Quesnel Trough Geophysics Map to Selected Theme Maps (Geophysical Maps). Quesnel Geophysics Map
Jan. 26, 2004 Added MapPlace Roundup Poster GeoFile 2004-4 (6Mb PDF). GeoFiles Catalogue
Jan. 26, 2004 MineMatch Geochemistry Project published by GeoReference Online Ltd., see Fieldwork 2003, p. 295-303.
Jan. 23, 2004 Added BC Age 2004, over 7000 determinations, to BCGS Geology Map.  Locations require validation. BCGS Geology Map
Jan. 23, 2004 Updated Mineral Titles layer. All maps
Jan. 22, 2004 Updated MINFILE data. All maps
Jan. 13, 2004 Repaired link to download Crown Grant Raster maps. Mineral Titles Details
Jan. 12, 2004 Updated Mineral Titles layer. All maps
Jan. 5, 2004 Added new Image Analysis Toolbox (IAT) to Exploration Assistant. Main Maps
Link to Updates before 2004