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Ministry of Energy Mines and Responsible for Core Review

MapPlace Metadata

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Details: Metadata provides information on the maps, layers and databases used in MapPlace. 



Metadata Links for Maps:

Information Pages

Metadata Links

arrow BCGS Geology Map Details BCGS Geology Map Metadata
arrow Exploration Assistant Map Details Exploration Assistant Map Metadata
arrow Mineral Titles Map Details Mineral Titles Map Metadata
arrow Petroleum Tenure & Wells Map Details Petroleum Tenure & Wells Map Metadata
arrow Offshore Map Gallery Offshore Map Metadata

Metadata Links for Data Themes:

Information Pages

Metadata Links

arrow Bedrock Geology Home Page
BC Digital Geology Downloads
2005 Geology Layers includes Bedrock Geology, Contacts & Faults, Terranes, Quaternary Alluvium & Cover, and Ocean for geology
arrow Mineral Potential Home Page Mineral Potential: BC AlbersGeographic
arrow Mineral Occurrences - MINFILE Home Page
MINFILE Downloads
MINFILE downloads
arrow Assessment Report Index - ARIS Home Page
ARIS Downloads
Online Report Downloads
arrow MineMatch Anomaly Clusters Home Page    Georeference Online Metadata for Anomaly Clusters
arrow Geochemical Surveys Home Page Metadata for Geochemistry
arrow Mineral Tenure Home Page Metadata for Mineral Tenure
arrow COALFILE Metadata for COALFILE
arrow Property File Home Page Metadata for Property File
arrow Prospectors Reports Home Page Metadata for Prospectors Reports
arrow Aggregate Project Home Page Metadata for Aggregate Data
arrow Crown Land Registry (Tantalis/Gator) operated by Integrated Land and Resource Registry Metadata for Survey Parcels
arrow Climate StationsHydrometric Stations, and Water Quality Metadata for Climate, Hydrometric, Water Quality Stations
arrow Elections Canada Metadata for Federal Electoral Boundaries