GSC Open Files 4619 and 4620
(BCMEM Open File 2004-10)

Helicopter-borne gamma ray spectrometric and magnetic total field geophysical survey
Imperial Metals Corporation's Mount Polley Mine area, British Columbia
(Part of NTS 93A/12)

R.B.K. Shives, J.M. Carson, R. Dumont, K.L. Ford, P.B. Holman, M. Cathro

In 2003 the Imperial Metals Corporation conducted a multisensor (gamma-ray spectrometric, magnetic total field) helicopter-borne geophysical survey over the Mount Polley Mine area, British Columbia, Canada. Flight lines were oriented NE-SW, spaced at 100 m intervals. The survey was flown under contract, by Fugro Airborne Surveys. Results are available in a variety of digital and printed formats at 1:20 000 scale. The survey was funded by the British Columbia and Yukon Chamber of Mines' "Rocks to Riches" Program and by Imperial Metals Corporation

The results are available as follows:

Open File Description
10 1:20 000 scale colour interval maps with modified topographic base


10 digital images of colour interval maps, on CD-ROM, in Portable Document Format (PDF) (this CD)

GSC4620 Survey digital data for the 2003 Horsefly survey are provided on CD-ROM in user-compatible format


All products (except GSC OF 4620, digital data) are available at GSC Ottawa and GSC Vancouver.

Digital images (PDF Format) also available from BCMEM Victoria.

Digital data (GSC OF 4620) are available directly from the Radiation Geophysics Section:

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